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0hace 5 díasCategoryKingCategoryKing
karolannafellows (hace 5 días) #24714939Do you split figure parts... ?
Would be such a great helpif you do thanks..

Hi. I only sell items as a full set but thanks for asking.
0hace 14 díaszby_orzzby_orz
karolannafellows (hace 14 días) #24380954I see there are people who do that maybe you can find someone :< ?

Yep but I didn't have the time to find someone, and now I moved to another place and the Aichi GK are in my hometown, I guess they will be unpainted forever ;;e;;
0hace 14 díaskarolannafellowskarolannafellows
zby_orz (hace 15 días) #24362693lol I do have two of them.. Both not painted...I see there are people who do that maybe you can find someone :< ?
0hace 15 díaszby_orzzby_orz
karolannafellows (hace 16 días) #24326191I want yur Aichi GK :'( ...

lol I do have two of them.. Both not painted...
0hace 17 díaskb24vjmkb24vjm
karolannafellows (hace 17 días) #24270326How about a saber figma? NiB

I only collect scale figures. Thanks for the offer

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