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Hello, can you tell me what your commission prices are? I recently bought a Gilgamesh Garage Kit, but I have 0 experience on these. So I was planning to look for someone who could paint it for me.
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Recently commissioned Sky to paint my unryuu gk. Just finished assembling her and she looks fantastic! The attention to detail is amazing and all the extra work Sky put into it is insane. Glad I chose Sky to do it, can't thank him/her enough! <3
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That Alicia is one of my favourite GKs of all time, thank you for posting so many photos of her painted! You did such a beautiful job bringing her to life! She looks kind of fiddly, but the final job seems worth it... :)
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Nice you accepted my friend request! I wanted to tell you that your GK paint works are amazing and I would really like to see more! We had a discussion on reddit a while back and I saw your most recent work on there and I didn't know you had a MFC account.
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It's like she is using the Regular Army uniform, what makes the figure very unique, and alive.

If I were you, she would be a keeper.
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Razzeehace 2 años#27751960The painting of your Alicia figure is stunning! Was you who did it?

Hi,thank you very much.

Yes, I painted it with one brush and acrylic paint.
For the camo, i used some special tape. And pastel for the boot and hair.

It's take me a loooooooooot of time, there was so much little parts for a figure of this scale.
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The painting of your Alicia figure is stunning! Was you who did it?
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