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One of the best sellers I've ever dealt with, packages came so fast and even sooner than I thought. He is super polite and answers all your questions fast, I'd recommend buying from him any day.
hace 5 años
Awesome seller, kept me updated with tracking and shipped really quicky. Figure was packed well and is in great condition. Super thanks!! :D
hace 6 años
Great seller! Always up to date with information and always stayed in contact! Quick, simple transaction as well! Thank you so much hongkim, you are the best! 5/5!
hace 6 años
I can't find the proper way to leave feedback so I hope this helps!

hongkim is a great seller. Before purchasing he provided a ton of helpful information and photographs via email of the item in question, and went above and beyond in safely packing the figure, providing tracking information, the works.

Incredibly happy with this transaction, and I can't recommend buying from him enough. Thanks!
hace 6 años
De-JaY Teitoku
Welcome to Tsuki Board!
hace 10 años
hi there hongkim! welcome to tsukiboard! hope you enjoy your stay!

nice figma and nendoroids. ^^
hace 10 años
Sannouk Kit Cat
Hello hongkim, a warm welcome on MFC Tsukiboard! I wanna wish you a great time here ^_^
hace 10 años
Hey there, welcome to Tsuki Board. Ooo, you aiming for Jubei Swimsuit too ? Me too, I just hope she is not too expensive on auction sites though T.T
hace 10 años
yakumo You said Nendo?
Welcome to Tsukiboard ^_^
Have a great stay
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Welcome :)

Enjoy your stay!!
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Premium Figure Imports

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