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I'm having a Huge figure sale!!
I have to collect some savings for a surgery I’m getting and the drastic mandatory change of lifestyle afterwards.
However because of chronic illnesses and combined pain I can’t work yet, and so I sell a big part of my collection to finance these costs.

Everything is in good to perfect condition unless stated otherwise

Shipping not included!!
I use services PostNl (netherlansds only) and DHL (worldwide) to ship, and all comes with a tracking code (except for some exceptions, but this I will state when you provide your country for shipping qoutes)

The figures have already been packed into their boxes and ready to ship, so I rather not take them out no more.

Prices have been determined by using prices others ask for theirs and the price I’ve paid.

Questions? Ask them!!

Miku 2014 Racing: 1/8 scale, GSC €80,-
* While carefully putting her back in the box one of the motors literally just fell off, I didn’t even touch the thing! I used two types of glue including one with hardening plastic to fix it and it’s stable, but please handle with care, as it snapped off without any reason at all.

Beelzebub: 1/8 scale, Amakuni/Hobby Japan €80,-

Narukami: 1/8 scale, Alphamax €60,-
* Veil turned yellowish despite being in the box all this time (apparantly known problem), Limited postcard (that came with First batch) present.

Konomi: 1/8 scale, Plum €25,-
* Small paint defect on her skirt because of the wand, I got pictures, so you can ask for them.

Elin: 1/6 scale, Flare € 180,-
* The mask that comes with the figure purely for decoration of the base had a broken string. It’s glued and perfectly fine but very very frail, so please handle with care. The strings easily break off. (Other string has not yet been broken)

Biscotti: 1/8 scale, GSC € 80,-
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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