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Fight me!

Hello and welcome to my page!

I'm into a lot of different manga/anime. I also really enjoy horror-themed manga/figures (think Higurashi-style or Junji Ito) as well.

I have a serious weakness to anything including demons, samurai, or nurses/hospital related. I'm also a fan of morally gray characters. After all, life and its choices are never as easy as "good" or "bad."

I'm a gamer as well; right now I'm in Genshin Impact hell (can you tell who I main O.o). I also enjoy Assassins Creed, Skyrim (yeah, I know), Borderlands, and my absolute favorite, Persona. I took a week off of work to play P5, soooo...

My collection consists of various character figures and quite a few signed art prints from different artists.

Currently "cleaning up shop" to narrow down my collection to my absolute grails and limiting new purchases to that.





Everything came great and as described, would highly recommend.
hace 13 días
How much you selling her for :0
hace 28 días
Hi hi is your Grell still available ❤
hace 29 días
Awesome seller! Shipped quickly, as described, great communication and packed things well. I definitely recommend her ^-^
Hace 1 mes
Hi there! Is your Shiro figure still available for purchase? Can you please PM me if so thank you so much in advance!
Hace 2 meses
Despite a slight miscommunication, seller was incredibly nice and shipped out my Gift plushies on the same day I paid and they came exactly as described. Great seller. 9/10
Hace 2 meses
Happy Birthday, stranger
hace 2 años
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
I'm a little late but I hope you had a happy birthday!!
hace 4 años
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Happy birthday!!!!
hace 5 años
greenbeanhace 6 años#4628192Sorry for the late reply >.< I would have to say Mitsutada or Akashi!

That's fine! Don't worry about it! ^_^
hace 6 años

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Kuroshitsuji, Noragami, One Punch Man, NO.6, Gantz, Inu x Boku SS, Monster, Uzumaki, Tokyo Ghoul, Dengeki Daisy, Shingeki no Kyojin, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Kuroko no Basuke, etc.
Metal Gear Solid, Hakuouki Shinsengumi Katan, Fallout, Tales Of Series, Borderlands, Skyrim, etc.
Blackmill, TV on the Radio, The Glitch Mob, Kalafina, Autolux, Massive Attack, Beck, Hatsune Miku, various anime soundtracks

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