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Kotori say Hi~



goliathushace 3 años#15239068Well i've seen her daki for months but i was saving for upcoming figure *cough* Alter Eli & GSC Albedo *must get*
Inochi no Spare is kinetic novel about illness & tragedy.. well you should've read it yourself, i don't want to spoil any!
Haven't read Floflo so i don't know how's Kano personality but from visual aspect at a glance they are similar i think? Looks like their height are close (maybe 5-10cm gap).. they like sisters, except Kano has more developed body.

Ah okay. Gotta keep the priorities in order I guess ;p

It sounds interesting, I might check it out one day.

Hmm... Sorry I don't see it xD but I guess that's the difference in how we perceive things. Like you said Kano is a lot bustier, but she's an osananajimi, whereas Nonoka is an imouto type character.

My favourite girls from FloFlo are Riku and Adelheid.
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goliathushace 3 años#15239035Yeah, was searching for some Nonoka merchandise, but sadly only 'fabric' stuff for lewd items allowed (because they are rolled/folded the way it looks like normal item and customs allow it) other than fabrics, it'll be disposed. I can't import eroge too because they are classified as 18+ (all age are allowed, though)
Yes, other than SP and Yuzusoft, i like Akabeisoft & Tone Work's especially their recent title. I'm reading Inochi no Spare now, really like these kind of story. I'm planning to read Floflo, been reading some reviews looks like it decent and have some plot. Not to mention the heroine Mihato Kano? resembles Nonoka in various way.

Ah that's a shame. You could pick up her daki then?

I also enjoy Tone Work's stuff, but I've only read Yuzuki's route so far in Giniro Haruka. How is Inochi no Spare? I'm kind of burnt out on eroge at the moment after reading Senren Banka and FloFlo to completion as soon as they were released, so I'm in an anime watching phase currently xD

I really enjoyed FloFlo, the story was Saga Planets' best since Hatsuyuki Sakura (in my opinion, of course). It has similar vibes to Hatsuyuki as well, which is a good thing since that's my favourite of their titles, and one of my favourite eroge. Oh really? in what ways do you think Kano is similar to Nonoka? I personally wouldn't say they are very similar at all, except perhaps for their derdere personality.
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goliathushace 3 años#15237928Hi! Nice to see fellow Nonoka fans :)
Great merchandise collection there, especially with those Yuzusoft and Saga Planets stuff >.<

Hello there! Indeed it's always nice to find a fellow fan of a character you love :) Especially in this case, for Nonoka ;p

Ah thank you very much! :D I take it you're also a fan of Yuzusoft, and Saga Planets titles?
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Love your collection. :)
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to MFC ^-^
Enjoy your stay here x3
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Welcome to the board goliathus! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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