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Your inbox is full ><

I wrote a reply to your PM, I'll send it when you've got space.
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Hey, Im selling my Shin Seiki Evangelion - Souryuu Asuka Langley ITEM #28128
if youre still looking to buy
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glich610 (hace 4 años) #2303246Looking at figures really makes people buy them huh. Are those petanko ones the ones where they are sitting? Aww, if you go again next year you should really check them out. This year good smile showed parts of their factory and how they make the figures. People actually paint them by hand even the smaller pieces, now I know why they're expensive! They also gave out nendroids and BIG posters!
I actually think that this year was great lol. Yes, the wait was really long for the tickets and the line for the panel was no better but I had fun! Four days of bliss haha

Yep, the Petanko ones are the chibi ones sitting. So cute! It was $12/box at AX. *shudder* XD I will keep that in mind since I don't actually go to many events, mostly just guest panels now. Concerts cost additional money, so unless it's someone I really want to watch, then I'd pay extra. It used to be free when I went back from 2004-2008. >_>

Yay, free raffles! I never win those things, but i guess it is still better than not going at all.

They gave out a figma Kirito in the SAO author panel this year. I was five people off. SO CLOSE. I did talk to the girl who won it, though. She was in the autograph line wanting it to be signed. XD Part of the fun of cons is talking to people. ^_^
hace 4 años
glich610 (hace 4 años) #2301944Cool! I also went there with my sister and some friends. Thats where I saw a bunch of awesome figures which made me buy some (I havent bought figures in years). I mostly bought posters from the artist alley though. Did you get anything? Did you go to the goodsmile panel? Their CEO is a pretty funny guy
I actually felt that AX was more packed than comic con. Maybe beacuse comic con had a bigger hall.
I personally like AX better since its more up my alley.

I actually started figure collecting from being at AX and seeing them in person! I got four of the Petanko Sword Art Online figures this year (I will take pics in future). I didn't go to goodsmile panel since I'm still very new and when I knew, convention is obviously over. :(
AX this year had over 80,000 people! They did say they will expand the halls so it won't be as packed. It was sooo bad this year.
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glich610 (hace 4 años) #2301937Yeah, I know what you mean. Though it does feel good to give some away to kids :).
haha, true. oh wow! You're lucky! I probably hatched at least 800 eggs and haven't gotten any shiny, not really complaining I'm more into IV's now. Oh cool! May I ask which part? Did you get the chance to go to AX and/or comic con?

Not sure which part, sorry! I go to Anime Expo. :) Comic Con is too crazy and impossible to go. :/
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glich610 (hace 4 años) #2301452Oh dang, you mustve taken good care of them if they're still around today. I have winnie the pooh teddy bear that I had since I was a little kid but now he has a whole on his left eyebrow D;.
Yeah the story seems shorter than the other ones, it's also one of the easiest to beat. I can;t say that I also got tired of it easily since I already have over 600 hours of game play lol. Breeding and battling really got me hooked for months! Being broke for pokemon is worth it! lol

Yeah, I keep a number of my toys a lot for a long time because I also refuse to give and throw them away. I have too much childhood in them. And aw, your Pooh is derpy now.

I sure was bummed about the champion in the game from Elite 4. I wish she had more story than going: "Hey, we met once. Let's battle". -_- Speaking of breeding, I bred over 400+ Pichu's to get a shiny Pichu and I end up getting TWO shiny Pichu's! I was so surprised. :3

Yay! I'm glad I'm your first friend on here. :) I'm from Southern California, too! I have friends living in San Diego actually.
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glich610 (hace 4 años) #2297831Those two pikachu at the back are fat! Lol. What do you think of the upcoming ruby/saphire remake? Theyre going to have cosplaying pikachu. I personally really excited for it, I got tired of playing pokemon Y :/
Don't make fun of my fat Pikachu's! Lol, jk. I think they're bootleg Pika's because my dad got it for me in Taiwan when Pokemon first came out in the late 90's., so they're not even official. I can't even read the tag anymore because it's all worn. :3

I'm excited about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! ^_^ The cosplaying Pikachu is part of the dress up thing in Ruby/Sapphire. XD I got tired of X and Y really easily, too, since it felt shorter. :/ Oh well. New Pokemon games! And to be more broke!
hace 4 años
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to the board glich610! :)

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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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