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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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primary focuses are scales, dolls and plushies! i love all things cute and maybe sometimes provactive.




denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
congrats on the figure!! she is booty beautiful ;)

also yes yes luv i am always open to talk ♥ ive been so busy w/ irl dumb shit but i do miss u luv u always!! ♥♥♥
hace 2 años
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
flashdancerenehace 2 años#27157407nice to see a fellow lgbt+ autistic person ! i absolutely adore your louise collection.
hope you're doing better now (in regards to your 1 month old blog post). just keep troopin' <3


And thanks for the compliment :D

Sadly no actually my husband wants to divorce me so aside from my troubles i get that. But i feel better now and im back on mfc. I wont waste more time on this matter :) i did for 2,5 week now today i decided its not worth it. He doesnt put any effort in it so i wont. Thats that. Its a long story i wont post here ^^ i soon get professional help :)

Neverthless i soon start my work again :D and hopefully i get a new lens for new reviews ! Which im excited about as i kinda want to pick that up and was so pissed my lens apparantly doesnt work anymore i found that out during last vacation :( so couldnt take decent pics either T_T
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denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
friendly reminder ur the best schierke <3
hace 3 años
flashdancerenehace 3 años#26408670you're making me unironically like yoshikage kira,,
i could really hand it to ya..

Hehe well I'm glad I could help change your mind! :P He's one of my favourite characters of all time! And nice pun ahaha
hace 3 años
flashdancerenehace 3 años#26138746?Your compatibility with NotSoFluent is 38%
You both like Higashikata Josuke, All Might, Asui Tsuyu."
hi ilu and ur tastes goodbye your collection is amazing,, detective conan was my childhood as i ate entire jars of buttered pickles and binge watching it :')

Oh goodness, I just saw your comment, thank you so much!! ;A; I put tons of work into it. Conan means a lot to me too, I still remember marathoning it on Adult Swim and in parts on YouTube when I was younger. :')
hace 3 años
flashdancerenehace 3 años#26267074you have the bests loots and i love your collection! you're actually making me begin to like tsunderes,, regardless, have a great day! i truly enjoy commenting on people's profiles i admire.

This is such a sweet comment, thank you! Really put a smile on my face to see this after waking up. I'm really happy that you enjoy my posts here and that I can spread some tsundere love. :D I hope you have a great day too!
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denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
flashdancerenehace 3 años#25661935jormungand is the anime/manga series, yes! her name is vamlet/sofia velmer. it's kind of an odd and unique anime which is what attracted, but i quite love the character! love the art style and her personality. like most anime, it does have some perverse moments but not overly so!
i agree. higurashi is much more important, specifically regarding the timelines in the anime which is why keiichi is even paired up with multiple characters. the only harem bit i've noticed is the comedic relief in the crappier reruns of it?
of course! sorry for mentioning it haha, i definitely understand why some people find it gross/unnerving. i like the bones and skulls for a different reason - because it's so unique so see the crevices and intricate sockets in such. it's all really amazing to me - that that's inside of us! and every animal bones vary.
i havent read umineko yet, but i hope to read the visual novel real soon on steam too! don't watch the anime tho, well, personally - it's very watered down and erases a lot of character development into a flurry of fast-paced gross plot;;
i r8 higurashi 8/8 m8 - also, on the topic of psychology again i totally agree. it's comforting to me to discover why exactly we feel, but i do also get annoyed by the overly nihilistic beings that say "happiness is just a chemical" from the information on such. human emotions are very complex and difficult, which is why i refuse to acknowledge it is just some needless chemical in the brain. it keeps us going, does it not? ;o;

the happiness topic is very interesting :o !! i too believe humans are super advanced and we can't really explain everything with the same criteria we use for animals when it comes to emotions and stuff !! it's so cool to meet someone else who agrees hueheuehue

awhh i loved hearing you talk about the bones haha, i love hearing people talk about their passions / things they like / enjoy it makes me so happy !!

do you mind if i shoot a steam fr? and also if you wanna talk more u can always ask for my phone # haha i love making friends !! ^__^
hace 3 años
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
flashdancerenehace 3 años#25591404shion is a really interesting character with her tomboyish yet inner girly side to me, and i really love the storyline of how the sonozaki twins switched spots etc. i definietly agree mion is a very complex character, it's sad how she felt so much hatred for satoko and then realized her mistake + promise to satoshi.
i love rena as well, for all those same reasons! i think she's a very sweet character, and it bothers me how people consider her a yandere(gire, in some cases). it's primarily due to the hinamizawa syndrome, and she's a complex character as well. like all of them of course!
oh my gosh, yes. i'd love to be a psychologist too, or perhaps a taxidermist (which people find very disgusting/strange - i find it to be giving them a new purpose. i never condone poaching or over-hunting, though. i only work with already sadly deceased animals).
i love psychology due to my own mental disabilities, as i feel if i was capable of learning throughout college in the future i could help not only myself understand the neurological bits of the brain and why we function, but help others with similar problems as well. the brain is a very intricate organ in all forms of life, and it fascinates me the most! especially the criteria of memory.
i dont mind the minor age difference!! :D im born july fourth, so i just recently turned 16 haha.

yes the sonozaki storyline is so interesting i love the switching as well! the first time i read through Meakashi-hen i was like "oh how horrible mion turned out to be the villian :( she locked her twin up omg she's so horrible!!" but THEN you find out she's actually her sister and they switched and blah blah AAA RYUKISHI IS SUCH A GOOD WRITER??? THE PLOT TWISTS IN HIGURASHI ARE 10000/10 SO GOOD

ugh i kNOW it bothers me so much when people simplify higurashi's story/characters as "a yandere harem xDD" because its like??? not that at all??? it really gets on my nerves...

taxidermy is cool, i could never do it though because i hate bones!!! i'm totally fine around the most intense gore but if i see broken/twisted/hurt in ANY WAY bones i get really sick to my stomach @__@ that's so interesting though i think it's a really cool art in a way!!

i agree with you on the psychology part, although i've never been diagnosed with anything (never seen a therapist!) i do find psychology comforting. at the end of the day, we are all human, and we all have something called a brain that makes us act in a certain way! i dont know, but that thought always comforts me!! the thought of this big human family like, yup, we're just all doing this because of our dumb brain!! its a really cool topic *__*

2 unrelated questions;

1) is your icon from that series "jorgunmund"?? <--- i think i spelled that wrong?? i swear i've seen that character before and i know anything about it other than people say its a really cool series

and 2) since we are such huge higurashi fans, have you gotten the chance to read umineko? i stayed away from the anime since i heard it was really bad so i'm planning on reading the visual novel release on steam!
hace 3 años
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
i hecking love higurashi.. mion sonozaki is my favorite!! rena and rika are amazing too, but all of them r likeable to me. oh my god i want her max factory fig so bad.
im glad u got her!! shes beautiful dkgsdkgsdg i dont bLAME U
oh my gosh no, im glad you found it easy to reply! :DD i feel like i comment too much but,, its nice yknow. also psychology buds!!! its nice to see ppl with the same age on these websites too aah
gotta finish higurashi kai, but god the manga i just finished is so gud. im excited for translations of yoigoshi (an alt. timeline where "mion" is the only surviving character in the squad and it's kind of a?? post apocalyptic story.) it's rly interesting so far!

im a fake fan... i've only played the games on steam and watched both seasons of the anime ahsdflkjsdlk i dont even know what all those manga arcs are about (' v ' " ) LMFAO
but dang a post-apocalyptic story featuring shion sounds really cool! im assuming shion is your favorite character? for me it would have to be rena since she's just so nice to everyone and is (usually) the kind, loyal, and smart one who thinks things through (when she's not under the influence of hinamizawa syndrome, of course!!) mion would have to be my favorite written character as even though she does horrible things, i love how she's a really complex character and has a lot of things going on with her that makes me almost pity her in a way of how far gone she is?? the whole sonozaki family thing is so sad ;__;

i took ap psychology last year!! im a senior in highschool (ill be turning 17 this month!! OOPS i forgot to mention that so maybe we won't be exactly the same age lol) but i really wanna go back to that class it was so fun ;__; i wouldnt mind becoming a psychologist when i grow up, it seems really fun! my favorite thing about psychology is just how no matter what, it can explain nearly everything that humans do, from how we act to what we eat to how we talk etc etc. what about you? what do you like about psychology?
hace 3 años
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
flashdancerenehace 3 años#25549103lgbtq fellow here, love ur best characters!!
i see u have guts, aiko tanaka, tomie, stocking, morrigan aensland, tharja, love live! and dangan ronpa gorls. god bless ,, super potacho and super sonico are cuties too

hihi ^__^ nice to meet you!! im glad we like the same characters, i can see u like morrigan haha
her max factory figure is absolutely stunning! i cant get it since i dont think i could accurately explain to my family i spent $500 on an anime booby figure LMAO

we're the same ages and we both like psychology :o !! we also seem to have a deep love w/ higurashi *__* i am ALWAYS ecstatic to meet higurashi fans, i feel like i can never run into them so maybe THIS WAS MEANT TO BE haha

sorry if i brought up a lot of topics, i do that so whoever im talking to feels like its easy to reply :) feel free to only hit some of the points i brought up here!! ♥ thanks for leaving a comment !!
hace 3 años
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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