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i like visual novels + otome games, neopets, horror, pink, and electronic + 80s pop music.
i primarily collect ocs, 1/4s, 18+ figures and bunny + cat girls. nice to meet you! (´• ω •`)ノ
feel free to send me a friend request if we have stuff in common! i always like meeting new people! (18+ only NO MINORS)







Thank you for your reply on the Binding page, going to hope someone gives up a PO or some of the stores get some excess stock so anyone who didn't PO her can buy her then and there! Do appreciate your redirecting to me the site as well that's really handy <3
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OMG just saw all the option you offered me on my page. Thank you so much for all the research you did for me that is so sweet! Akimomo price look pretty promising, but i think imma still wait until the end of august to make my decision. Imma let you know what i choose!
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Thank you once again for your help! I think imma take your advice and wait until the end of august. And on kappa hobby is she not 383USD$? Thats almost 500CAD$ i think. But if your tell me the shipping is super inexpensive normally for 1/4, i might get her on there. I dont know how shipping is normally on the native site, but shes 370CAD$ on there.
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Yeah crazy enough no one reached out to me when i deleted everything so i really had a moment of "damn that was all really pointless" so now im minding my own in peace and quiet just doing my shit and it feels nice. Its hard making friends again but IM TRYING.
These shippers crazy sis. I know im hot and big brained but people need to leave a bitch ALONE.

EVERYONE SAYING IT NOW and im just in my corner with my real angry pouty face cause these fuckers were like "edelgard simp hurrdurr" now people be like "oh my god edelgard is a lot like lelouch in ideology and methodology and xyz" and i just put my middle fingers up.

Worst part is it was actually my OTP but bitches crazy.
i hate how much i look at dimitri during the day its actually disgusting how much i think about him
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We share a brain cell i fucking swear to god.
When i was getting harrassed thats when i realized that social media wasnt worth it. I took down all my shit and left. Those people are disgusting and foul af. meanwhile they eat, shit and breathe fictional characters and ships like what

Oh i got called a sociopath for agreeing to some degree with Edelgard. Also how a bunch of dude bros jumped on my ass for saying Edelgard was a somewhat watered down Lelouch...guess what comparisons people make now??? (:

I loved feeling unsafe over a video game shipping!!! /s
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thank u sm!
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Yup, person that was harrassing me got away with it, people took their side, and theyve stolen content from numerous people and theyre a downright horrible person. I noticed a lot of the scummy people in the community use mental illnesses and bad moods to excuse bad behavior and as someone thats autistic and living with MDD its a fucking insult. I struggled with liking anything fe for a long time after that. It put me on the defense and im slowly trying to do different challenge runs to get me back into the series as a whole.
Bruh i hate the dimitri and edelgard discourse so much. I love them both SO much and it just feels like you can never win just enjoying content in the fe community. i got called a p*do, hetscum (when im asexual and love women), disgusting, homophobic its insane
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Girl i threatened in the fe fandom, got stalked to the point it made me highly uncomfortable and the person got away with their behavior, and i got called everything under the sun. I hate the fire emblem community with a burning passion more than any other community. Even the genshin one lol. They ruined three houses for me where i didnt pick it up for two years almost (i just started playing it again last week and i still feel uncomfortable somewhat)
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THE FACT that fans get fucking pissy when youre slightly uncomfortable with it and then they give you shit for wanting a fem protag i swear persona fans are just as bad as fire emblem fans lmao

I JUST LOVE THE BOYS IN P5R SO DAMN MUCH LIKE they all need a hug and i want to provide this at all times. Except maruki.
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I love akechi i can fix him i swear jkjk so god damn much LET ME DATE HIM YOU COWARDS.
Not even Ryuji or Yusuke :') but we can fucking romance our teacher, our doctor...i fucking hate it here
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