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Welcome to my profile!

I love anime, manga, and cute things (they go hand-in-hand!). It comes as no surprise that I also collect figures and Dollfies (SD and DD).

In my shop, you can find rare or hard-to-get figures and items.
ALL items are sealed and brand new unless otherwise stated, and I ship globally!
I accept: PayPal, Western Union

I am also selling a signed, framed, original, limited edition giclee print by one of Fate/Grand Order's official artists:

These were limited to 11 worldwide, and were only available in a special, Japan-only lottery.
Item is NEW, has never been displayed by me, and will be shipped in its original factory packaging.

Asking price: $600 USD
Worldwide shipping & insurance included
(Western Union/direct transfer only for this item)

I also draw for fun. Here's my artist page:
Please check out my works and leave feedback!


Is your Yozora figure still for sale? I'm not sure if you saw my PM or not.
Hace 2 meses
Great seller! Very honest and describes the product exactly how it is!
Hace 6 meses
Hi, is your DD Yukiho still for sale? Sent a PM a few days ago but just wanted to check back in.
hace 1 año
You're commenting on the whole griffon thing is gold
It's amazing how little the brats on MFC actually know about anything.
hace 1 año
lol. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, comes in from time to time but rarely do anything here anyway.
hace 1 año
Friendly and patient seller. Figure arrived as advertised safe and sound. Would recommend.
hace 1 año
Hi! Just wanted to let you know the Orange figure arrived today. Thanks for packaging her well and I left you some good feedback!
hace 2 años
Thank you for the great transaction, you're an excellent seller.
Received Pre-Owned Saber and Shiki Well Packaged and in Great Condition!
Just as described, excellent seller.
hace 2 años
Yo hey, been quite a while isn't it? Well, I come here a lot less now. Ain't that fond of this site now...XD

And quitting collecting soon too.
hace 2 años
Your profile pic is so pretty! :D

Source? Or did you draw it?
hace 7 años

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