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More Granblue Fantasy figures when???
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A big gamer. Life is too short for games AND other stuff, so I focus most of my (free time in) life playing games in Japanese.

Currently not really buying many figures anymore, just putting down lots of preorders :p

Favorite figure makers are Alter and Good Smile Company. /generic tastes


I'm sorry to bug you again, but do you use Discord by any chance? I think it's more convenient chatting via direct messages rather than wall messages like this. m(_ _)m
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I don't mind replaying them again since I prefer understanding the story in Japanese instead of in English (I know it's weird XD). Anyway, I should have said "helper" instead of "tutor", but thank you for willing to help me out. I'm running out of hobbies right now so studying Japanese could be a new one for me lol.
Hace 1 mes
Speaking of hobby-wise, I got myself addicted to Ys series lately. Missed half the fun for not understanding the story, but the gameplay itself is more than enough to keep me entertained. XD

I'm thinking about going back to studying Japanese again on my own to enjoy Japanese entertainment better. A friend of mine occasionally asked me to translate some phrases from manga for him and it kind of got me interested in Japanese again. Do you mind becoming my tutor when I get back to it? Only if you are free and available, of course. :)
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Things got busier ever since the pandemic started. Increased workload and overtime drove me and the others crazy during the past few months. As much as I hate it, it's fortunate that I still have a job so no complaints. XD

I hope you're still working as well. It's boring being locked up at home without anything fun to enjoy lol.
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Happy Birthday! I hope you'll have a good one! :)
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Hi, thanks for responding!

Could I get an updated price w/ shipping once you receive it? I feel like it would still probably be cheaper than buying it elsewhere.
Hace 9 meses
Hi, I wanted to inquire about the Jalter order, but your inbox is full
Hace 9 meses
Happy Birthday, Onee-san! Long time no see! (^ ^)
Any special figures for you for your birthday this year? XD
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Oh my! Cookie-senpai noticed me! =D
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I see you hit the big 3-0!!! Happy awesome cookie birthday!!!

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