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Citrus dreams of gunpla.

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I love your gunpla reviews!!!! Please keep up the good work!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
hace 2 años
I love your collection really nice :D
hace 5 años
Love your gunpla reviews! :3
hace 5 años
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Congrats on VIB citrus! And thank you for helping out on the database. (^.^)
hace 6 años
citrushace 6 años#2259562Hello! I got the mats for Keripo and me from Taobao item.taobao.com.... If you don't want to mess with proxies, you can find all three colors on eBay www.ebay.com/sc.... Their prices are quite good, about the same as going through a proxy. The mats' quality is very nice, by the way! The edges are wrapped and stitched, so they won't fray as easily, and it feels a good bit sturdier than your typical playmats.

Thank you so much for the reply Citrus-san. Yeah, proxies for taobao are difficult to get so I might just buy in ebay. But the taobao site does have some very interesting goods to check as well. My current desk mat (which I got from Amiami) is quite small so I like a new one. The UC Mat is larger
hace 6 años
Hello citrus-san, I like to ask as to where you bought the desk mat (the gundam one) which you gave to Keripo-san. I saw it on his june 2014 loot entry and I like to get one. It looks quite cool. According to Keripo-san, you were the one who got it. Hope you can answer soon and thank you :)
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citrushace 6 años#2091515Thanks for the info!

No prob
hace 6 años
citrushace 6 años#2091074Can you provide some sources for the SD entries that you've just created? From the pictures you've uploaded for them, they look just like the SD model kits, many of which already have entries. Please also fill in the entries' information more completely.

-The encyclopedia page has the official website (www.bandai-asia...)
-They don't look like the SD kits at all other than being stylized (compare ITEM #210522 to ITEM #26696). And the title of the product line is SD Gundam ACTION FIGURE, pretty self-explanatory ;) (also I do own one of them, it's definitely not a model kit)
-I would if I could; if you go to the official site you'll see there's no info at all, only pictures
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I'll leave this here. ^_^ ekizo.mandarake...
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citrushace 7 años#1636758I actually haven't played any Xenosaga yet; I just really like KOS-MOS' design a lot. My friend, who's much more into games, told me Xenosaga is a bit difficult, so I'm a little scared to try it out? I'll definitely look into it when I have some time on my hands, though! :D

The one you want to get your hands on is Episode 1: in my opinion, it was the best of the series as far as story. So much so that many I know who played it compared it to a playable movie! Guess they had some complaints about the long cut scenes because the last 2 in the series were nowhere near as long. It was supposed to be a series of 6 games, but since I'd call it a thinking man's game, there probably wasn't as many people playing them and they cut it down to just the 3 games. Hard, yes, but I also think that the Final Fantasy XIII games are more difficult. Not to mention Ep 1 has one of the best ending themes I'v heard. Might be biased though since I love Yasunori Mitsuda's game music. www.youtube.com...
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