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Will try to respond asap. I like anime :y


Happy birthday Carochii~!!

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hace 3 años
Im trading my Jun (solid theatre) ver if you want to trade for something
hace 7 años
Happy birthday! The notification said that today was a new year for you!
hace 7 años
carochiihey! hey you
hace 9 años
carochiiI agree, its a really great series and the style is fantastic! I tried getting my friends into it but they don't seem to care much. :/ so its great that I now know someone that likes it!Yeah! It's so original and unusual. I love all the coloures and patterns and the flat people. Same here :/ My friend told me if I watched My little pony fim then he could consider watching kuuchuu buranko lol. Same here! And thank you for the friend request C:
hace 9 años
carochiiyes, very much! I assume you are as well? c:Indeed I am~ it's so amazing <3 I love Irabu so much. Man you have no idea how much I've searched for a fellow fan lol.
hace 9 años
Are you a fan of Kuuchuu bburanko? o 3 o
hace 9 años
hace 9 años
You may want to update to show that you own a poolside Hideyoshi.
hace 9 años
Hi welcome to Myfigurecollection!
Hope you enjoy your time here. :3
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Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!

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grad student??
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