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I had a great experience purchasing a figure of Akemi Homura from anabel. We quickly worked out the details of the purchase, and then the figure arrived in excellent condition.

I hope that helps if any of you are looking for reassurance that she's a trustworthy random stranger on the internet to purchase from.
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
Happy birthday!
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Hey those look awesome, nice!
hace 2 años
Oh ok cool, yea it looks like F2p is for me, considering my whole figure situation. The game is awesome though, i'm sure ill get a UR eventually for sure.
hace 2 años
Yea both of those Umi's are awesome, totally wish I had those lol. The one I have is definitely not the best,but I still like that one, but hey i'm a free player so i'll take what I can get haha.
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lol no it is not that umi, but dammit I do like that one a lot. No it's just the one with her standing in her school uniform.


This one
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Haha thats totally awesome,dammit those URs look so good. I have an SSR Umi which is my best and favorite one so far.

Oh I dont blame you at all I would totally put money into it if I could afford it, but That damn game is a blast, I played Aishiteru Bonzai for the first time a few days ago and it hit the feels lol. Yea definitely enjoying the game.
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haha yea I think it may have to be Umi...but dammit I do love Honoka.

Wow that is an awesome line up...guess ill just have to keep playing the game.
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the site was messing up so i'm not sure if you'll get this,
But hey I got ya, thanks for the help it was a breeze to figure out with your help. ah ok at a glance I thought it was Yohane.

haha it is a toss up between Honoka and Umi for best girl with me.
hace 2 años
Yea I love the game, but with the hours i've been working I get to sit down and play one or two songs a night. Hey thanks, I pretty much get the game, but one thing I don't get is how to change what "profile picture" people see when they click on you, if you can at all. Like your's in that awesome yohane.
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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