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hello :)
enfin un autre vrai fan des MC de Saint Seiya :)
Superbe collection que tu as là.

Félicitation :)
hace 10 años
Quelle armée de Myth Cloth il t'en faut de la place pour ranger tout ça.
hace 10 años
Sannoukbtw....you're a collector from....? I'm French
hace 10 años
Sannouk Kit Cat
btw....you're a collector from....?
hace 10 años
Sannouk Kit Cat
Hello alexiel_angel, welcome and have a great time here on MFC Tsukiboard ^_^
hace 10 años
Bienvenue cousin :D
Belle collection que tu as là :)
Bonne continuation :D
Et bien sûr Saint Seiya rulesssssssssssssss!!! ;)
hace 10 años
Hi, alexiel_ange! Welcome to Tsuki-board!
Your collection is really massive *_* I bet it looks amazing in person!
I hope you can find out about even more figures here, and have an amazing time as well ^^
hace 10 años
Welcome new member! I'm new around here too. Nice to see you've filled your profile with a huge collection already. Look forward to seeing you around. =]
hace 10 años
Tenma The Idolm@ster
Welcome :D

Enjoy your stay!!
hace 10 años
Hey there! Welcome to Tsuki-board! Here's wishing you a great time and good luck with your ever growing collection!
hace 10 años
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