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Awesome seller, would do business again :)
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Good seller! Would buy from again. A+
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Inbox is full so I haven’t been able to message you back! I’m still interested though!
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I remember how you were wanting Bulbasaur with the Leaf Koto scale and disappointed he didn't happen (Well Ok, I remembered someone made this post and I checked Leaf's comment section). Anyway, I thought I'd show you this ITEM #806057 Bulbasaur is gonna happen.
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(Your PM box is full)

Yeah they've been slow when it comes to responding. The only way I've been able to contact them was by sending them a message via their chat system. They're never on (from my experience), but it seems as they get notified by email or something as it leaves a automated message on them responding back through email. (Which I find odd because I tried directly contacting their email, but it's always full, so I assume they do read the chat log and send a email themselves.)

I'll try and contact them again since last time it took me a few tries to finally get a response when it came to invoice.
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