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Acerca de mí

hiya, i'm joey saiyan, aka agumon949! aka buki fox! and i'm a huge pokemaniac!
i'm a freelance digital artist and small youtuber from the united kingdom :)
i have asperger's which is likely why i enjoy collecting so much :3
i've been collecting pokemon merchandise since i was introduced to the series, aged 7. the first game i ever played was a fake copy of pokemon firered on my silver gameboy advanced sp (which i still own!), and my first piece of merchandise was a play-by-play pikachu plushie (which has certainly seen better days...) ^-^ im using this site to document my huge pokemon collection of over 10 years!

but wait, there's more!!!

i have also been collecting digimon, dragon ball z and other anime merchandise too for over 7 years! so you'll see a lot of that too :D

thanks for looking, i would love to make some friends here as this is my true passion and joy xoxo


Aww, thank you! It's an constant work in progress! I hope to have a lot of space for Detolfs in my new place and can arrange everything the way I want (+ have space for new stuff). ;)
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Thanks for the friend request! You have an impressive Pokémon collection. :)
Hace 5 meses
Have a wonderful birthday~ :)
Hace 5 meses
Happy Birthday fellow January baby! :D
Hace 5 meses
Happy birthday! :D
Hace 5 meses
MAJOR props on your collection, my dude
Hace 5 meses
Thank you so much for whishing me happy birthday~!
Hace 5 meses
Howdy doo, new friend! :D
Hace 6 meses
Welcome to the board agumon949! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Your source for old and rare figurines!

Acerca de

digital artist, small youtuber
Página web
The IT Crowd
various manga ^-^
Pokemon (all of them), Minecraft, Sims 4, Roblox (8 years)
Puntos MOE
gay, transman, english, single, probably a furry
Foo Fighters, Kero Kero Bonito, Three Days Grace, Depeche Mode, Grimes, Duran Duran, Ninja Sex Party, Emery, Soft Cell... etc
my samsung galaxy S6 lol
is rly good

current goals

i wanna expand my pokemon sword and shield collection with plushies and eventually figures when they are available at a more reasonable price
trying to get all pokemon kids DX figures (you know, the bigger ones with articulation)!
really want to get more cool anime figures to display, like the banpresto prizes, figma and nendoroids, etc.. and if i'm lucky, S.H. figuarts!!


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