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I recently bought some Garage Kits form them and will leave my review here as the sales pages are taken down by them.

All in all I was satisfied with the experience. They helped me fulfill some strange requests in order to lighten the import load a bit ;) They were also quite patient and forthcoming with me as I was fidgeting a bit at the beginning due to the high cost of the garage kits. But eventually, it worked out.
The only flaw I could see was that there was no packing material added into the packages. Thus the packages got damaged a bit in transit. The contents were unharmed fortunately. But maybe it is a standard not to add much packing materials as the garage kit boxes themselves are quite squishy and there might be complications if stuff pushes into that. So maybe it was the right decision of them, after all they are the expert in garage kit matters.
hace 15 días
HI I was wondering if you are selling an assembled version of this item (ITEM #945158)

I saw you post about it and I think shes so beautiful.
Please PM me :)
Hace 1 mes
Hi there! Your inbox is full, I was wondering how much it would cost to commission the Ts System Astolfo?
Hace 1 mes
Recently had help getting ITEM #1161480
Was a seamless transaction, and I hope to send this off to you to be painted!

Thank you!
Hace 1 mes
Ohhh sweet! Yeah I'm all here for that if Taihou is involved haha, ok I'll check it out :D
Hace 4 meses
Hello, wow nice kits! Wish I had it in me to collect and paint them haha, missing out on so much good stuff especially Azur Lane kits >_<

P.S. Wooow this Sakura ITEM #1041593 ...*envious* xD
Hace 4 meses
Thanks for the birthday wish! :)
Hace 7 meses
Thank you for the Birthday wishes! ~
Hace 7 meses
I noticed is says you own this figure, im trying to track one down you wouldnt know how i can my hands on one?
ITEM #1070024
Hace 7 meses
Hello! Ah, that is weird, I would swear it was a public link! Then you should be able to go to this page cosplay.com/mem... and then click the first costume to see it, I hope?
Hace 8 meses
PVC anime figure store.

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