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ZeroSuitSamushace 3 años#18802678Oh wow, that's quite a few Billy shelves haha. I have my figures on a table right now but it's filling up fast, I'm going to have to invest in some other sort of furniture to display them soon! On another note, would you have any other sites in mind that I should be looking for that Nia figure prepainted?

Sorry for my very late reply! I know what you man about figures filling up areas fast, I actually used to have a similar setup when I first began collecting. Little did I know how much I'd have to invest in shelves later on ;_; If you need any shelving recommendations, I typically just use the Billy/Morliden Glass Door setup because it's pretty spacious and tends to fill up less quick than Detolfs do. But Detolfs are a lot less expensive and much easier to set up in my opinion.

As for other sites to find Nia, I think your best bet is to keep looking on Yahoo Japan. I know it can be tiresome as I also check it daily for new TTGL items, but every now and then, the thing you want most does seem to eventually pop up even if it takes years. I never thought I'd own my Kittan garage kit because he was a holy grail of mine and incredibly rare, but after years of looking high and low for him, he did eventually pop up on there. That's been where I've gotten pretty much all of my garage kit figures from. Sorry I can't be of more help :/
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ZeroSuitSamushace 3 años#18771620Very nice collection! Just saw a photo of your Gurren Lagann figures, very jealous of ITEM #22930 haha, I've seen two on Yahoo Auctions Japan in 4 years, just happened to miss one last night ; n ;

Aww, thanks! And I'm sorry to hear that! Weirdly, I paid around the same amount when I won her pre-painted about 5 years ago. Strange how such a nice figure doesn't sell for that much, especially when she's pretty rare as well. I hope you're able to find her again someday! I really need to post an updated picture of my Gurren Lagann collection, it's spread out over 3 Ikea Billy bookshelves now :P
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