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Haha Kyou was my second favourite so I just figured lol
I have not played Clannad VN but I remember liking Tomoyo the most when watching the anime. Still debating weather to give the VN a go someday or not.

Good to know that not everybody is part of the Megumin sect lol.

It turned out I'm not so bad after all xD

I swear I was gonna write Yun lol
Another friend challenged me to guess his NG favourite girl and he was shocked I got her right on first try xD. His favourite is Ahagon :P
Yeah I love this anime too and it kept growing on me. The finale for both seasons was an absolute blast and made my eyes teary lol. If you want something else that makes you happy check Yuru Camp, Non Non Biyori, Ichigo Mashimaro, Mitsudomoe, and Flying Witch.

See? I'm not bad at this :D
Yeah, I think I like her more than Himeragi Yukina. Akatsuki x Asagi moments are always so cute
Perhaps you hadn't noticed her much because she isn't part of the Akatsuki Harem xD
btw what did you think about the finale of season 1?

I can see the pattern now :P
Well she or the main could be my future waifu. I will let you know after I watch it.

Oh I see. I like Ecchi I'm not gonna lie but I'm not obsessed about watching ecchi shows. They are just one of the many things I enjoy. My taste can be very broad and I can also enjoy female-oriented shows when they are actually good. What I don't like to see is the random fanservice in non-ecchi shows, or when an anime is too fanservice-heavy it gets boring. What makes a good fanservice is precise timing :D.

Oh I've been waiting many years for the re-translation project of "If My Heart Had Wings". I don't know if you are aware of this but MoeNovel butchered the translation of the game. They made it child-friendly and just messed it up in general! If you are reading the MoeNovel version do yourself a favor and drop it. I'm even willing to beg you to do it because what MoeNovel did is an insult to VN fans. The retranslation/restoration project finished recently and now you can play the game as intended from the Japanese developers. I will give you a link if you need.

Okay It's gonna be a bit difficult because honestly I never made a list for my favourte artist before lol. I'm afraid I might miss on some one I really like so give me a bit more time.

This Emilia is actually really really good for the price. It seems Sega knows how to make good looking prize figures for affordable price. If I'm tired of waiting might take one of these to get my daily dose of Emilia-tan until I find the one that makes me fall for her anew. I will wait for now because I'm broke lol

I just struck a hot deal! I got the Date A Live Yamai twins Kaguya and Yuzuru
both of them together for only 85$ New (42.25$ each). That's more than 50% off!! They sold out fast on AmiAmi. Would you have bought them if you were my place? tbh before the deal I did not even consider getting them because Griffon's reputation isn't the best but I actually love the Yamai twins so I could not miss them.
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Yeah, she was one of my most hated anime characters ever until I watched Nagito Yuuki-chan I found myself not minding her anymore, in fact, she made the spin-off a lot more interesting xD
Yeah, it was so good that it makes me want a sequel until this day.

I did not watch KonoSuba but afaik everyone's favourite is Megumin lol
It's most likely either Aqua or Megumin but maybe I will go with Aqua? Or no let's just go with Darkness xD

Clannad hmmmm.. Maybe Kyou?
I like Tomoyo btw..

Have not seen NGNL yet for some reason but if I try my luck maybe you like Jibril?
I can't really decide our compatibility on shows I did not watch but it will be good for future reference.

New Game is a show that I've seen thankfully.. Do you like Hifumi? At least that's the one for me :D

Interesting I've seen StB as well, not the biggest fan but I love the OST and fanservice lol. So maybe you like Asagi? I'm throwing some random guesses just so I can understand your taste more. Btw I'm happy for S3 announcement even tho I still have not seen S2 ^^
My fav here is Minimaiya Natsuki <3

I keep delaying Trinity Seven for no reason. I even had plans to read the manga before the anime came out lol. Maybe you like Lieselotte Sherlock?

I won't worry because we did not really talk long enough for me to figure out your taste anyway :D

Yeah, but it was fun still :)
Speaking of fanservice, do you consider yourself an ecchi fan?

Yeah, I bet you will enjoy it. It's mostly SoL comedy with some romance.

Sometimes I watch for shows for Seiyuus, director, or even character designer and it mostly works for me :)
Sometimes I just get bored of deciding what to watch next on my own so I do that.

What is that VN?

Also remind me later to make you a list for some of my favourite artists. I will be taking my time so that I make sure not to forget too many.

Sorry for the late reply but expect me to be slow for a while..
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Please do before you get spoiled. It's really great VN with original ideas.

Will keep that in mind, but I think our taste in girls isn't really the same.
Tell me some of your favourite anime with waifus and I will try guessing your favourite girl to see how compatible we are :)

(I know a lot of anime so I will probably be familar with anything you watched )

I did not watch all Eight together, I just played an episode in between other shows until I finished it, and surprisingly I can't say It really bored me, even though PLOT TWIST: I'm not a Haruhi fan, and I used to despise Suzumiya Haruhi. I just really like the other characters and I enjoyed Nagato Yuuki-chan more. I loved the movie for Haruhi though. I still hope they continue the anime one day.

Yeah, well, honestly it's kinda hard to get into because the first arc is just a long-ass daily life the lasted around 30 eps with little to nothing interesting happening. After that it gets soooo much better during the 3rd major arc. Still, it has many problems such as the boring childish comedy from some characters and half of the show is just boring training. If you don't mind 100 boring episodes the other 100 are absolute blast, but I think it's totaly unreasonable to ask you to try enduring the boring parts lol. One other thing I really disliked about the show is how the last anime arc ended. Probably one if the worst endings in history imo.

Never played any PSO game because I was not really that into RPGs until fairly recently, but I'm interested in trying it one day. I see, that's good for you then. It's good to know she also voiced in Hyouka. I might start liking her more if I enjoyed her role in Hyouka.

I was planning to watch when it aired but i read about some issues with the director pushing the employees or something and the TV version did not turn all that well according to what I know so I decided to watch it in Blu-Ray later. Also, I already watched Getsyoubi no Tawawa which had the same designs. Hmmm, I've had a feeling Just Because is good show and you seem to really like it so I hope I can enjoy it as much as you did. Any show I rate 8/10 isn't a disappointment to me and that is my expected score for this show, if it managed to surprise me then I might become a fan. Btw have you seen Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai ? That anime is pretty good also.

You know what? I've been meanning to read the manga adaptation of Beatless for years because the main girl had similar style to Inori from Guilty Crown which is one of my favourite anime. I was delighted when they decided to animate the novel so I dropped my plans for reading the manga (which is incomplete btw) in favor of watching the anime, but I have not gotten around to it yet. Btw do you sometimes watch an entire anime just because you know the Band that made the song? I do it sometimes and I discover some hidden gems :D

I don't have one favourite artist or particualr favourite style. There are a lot of different styles I can appreciate. I will come up with a list later listing some of my favourite manga artists or anime character designers so I can give you an example on what kind of art I prefer most. My best friend would be delighted to know that since he is a huge Key nerd lol. I like his style too, but probably not as much as you do. Bonus points? :D That's nice I also give bonus points for small details that could be irrelevant to others.
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I did not think it was scary but it was a pretty solid binge-watch. I only knew it had shit reputation after finishing it xD , I also loved the OP song. Ok with you now that makes it 2 other friends who enjoyed it other than me lol.

I mean I can relate somewhat since the first impression is very important, but I might share my experience with it once I start the manga.
I commend you for that my friend, you made the right call since it's another shitty anime based on an a generic shounen. Even the manga isn't that good and pretty cliché. I also heart he recent video game sold like crap lol. It's a miracle they are producing over 50 eps when the anime is even worse than the manga. I actually never watched a single ep because of the MC's Seiyuu lol.

I don't care much for FF XIII because many of my trusted friends destroyed my image of it so I'm not willing to give it a try anytime soon, but I'm actually also interested in Type-0 so thank you for increasing my hype :)

I did see it as a hairstyle in couple of sites and in Senran Kagura games so I think it does count :D

Yeah, I heard about all the stuff they did xD. For now I only watched the movie and the short anime and it gave me a good first impression.

Beautiful VNs that are only voiced in English? I don't think there are many of them. Most of the western VNs have even smaller budget than Japanese VNs so they leave them without voices unless they gain a a decent following, they update them with VA. I never really read any non-Jap VN with voice acting. Speaking of non-Japanese VNs did you play Doki Doki Literature Club? I think this is a must for everyone! It completely blew me away and had potential to be a masterpiece if it had the right budget.
If you want to become an expert in VNs vist VNDB.org and thank me later :P
It will be very useful for you I guarantee.

I'm not gonna lie I used to really love playing Naruto games on PSP and PS2 and used to also like the anime a bit, but as soon as I started to watch anime for real I lost all interest and I put it on my dropped list since I actually watched some of it earlier in my life. As for One Piece it's pretty much the same thing except for the fact I never touched a One Piece game lol. I'm curious about Bleach but still debating whether to watch it or not. I played most of the Bleach Heat The Soul fighting games which had like 5-6 games, and another one that was a sidescroller Action RPG which was super fun.

I love Fairy Tail and I also enjoy the comedy filler episodes but I hate the filler-arcs because they are very boring imo, but I still watched them all anyway. I expected you to like Erza, but as for me I actually love both just as much which might come out as more suprising to most people :D. Most fans are either hardcore Erza or Lucy fans. I also like Juvia and Kana. As for male characters; I love Jellal and Zeref. I also really liked Mystogan and share the same wish you have. He was just so cool from the very beginning to the very end, I was so heartbroken when he left ;( Oh well he is still a Jellal. There was also a character who looked exactly like Jellal in Rave Master and he was so epic. I wish you can read the Rave Master manga one day because I'm very positive you will agree with me. Anyhow, whenever you see a Jellal-looking character you just gotta know he will be is great :)

Nope, It's not strange. Think about it for a second, I only became intrested in the newer Shining games because of Tony Taka art :D . If they bring new artist and I liked his art style I will consider getting into them :) . You could say I can be picky about the art style sometimes even if I saw the game being praised everywhere that would not change my opinion. Take Ni no Kuni for example, I don't ever plan on playing it because I despise the Ghibli art style. I did watch a number of their movies and they were good but not really my style ( my favourites are Mononoke Hime and Kiki's Delivery Service). Generally, I don't mind the art style much when it comes to anime but it's a different thing in games and manga :)


Did you survive the Endless Eight? I'm proud to say I even enjoyed it lol. It was such a unique experience. Spealing of Sugita Tomokazu, Kyon is actually one of his best roles but the one he is known for the most is Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. You've gotta watch that show, it's the most hilarious anime ever period. I've been following it before it became popular. You just need to make it past the first 30 eps or so and then you will be in for the ride of your life.
Btw have you seen Ketekyoushi Hitman Reborn?

Lemme check what shows I watched from your favourite female Seiyuu..
I actually watched many shows where she had a role but I can't say I was especially fond of her characters other than Wendy. What other game or anime characters role she did that made you love her?
Also I forgot to add Hara Yumi to the list of my favourite Seiyuus. I just really love her voice but I only discovered that I'm a fan of her recently. She did voice a good number of my favourite characters like Shijou Takane from iM@S, Yumi from Senran Kagura, and Kanoe Yuuko from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (you should totally watch that if you have not)

Isobe.. who? Let me look her up lol
Oh, ok she voiced the main girl of Just because. unfortunately I have not seen that yet so I can't comment about her performance, but don't worry, the anime is actually on my plans :)

It seems I did not put Itou Kanae in my earlier comment but she is actually also one of my favourites :D

Yes, most of my favoruite Seiyuus are actually quite popular and for a good reason but you don't have to agree with me. However, I'd like you to know that I never knew about their popularity until later. I just noticed how good they were and added them to my favourites and after I learned their names I started seeing many articles about them. I guess I might have a talent for discovering great Seiyuus lol. After thinking about I think Oogata Megumi has the most unique voice of them all. She kinda reminds of my fav male Seiyuu Ishida Akira in how you can never mistake her voice for someone else lol.

It's LiSA, EGOIST, and ClariS for me :)

Well, knowing the good directors can make watching new shows way easier so I suggest you reconsider your opinion ^^
Anyways mine is Oomori Takahiro. He is most known for Jigoku Shoujo, Natsume Yuujinchou, and Durarara!
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Don't get me wrong. Their production quality is always great but I find hard time getting into most of their shows. I can still enjoy them but they usually don't appeal to me. My favourite works from them are Angel Beats and Shirobako. Haruchika was also good for a show that based on an actual novel lol. I heard that Glasslip is notroisuly bad, but hey I also enjoyed a joke horror anime called Mayoiga so I can't judge you for liking something like Glasslip :D

Lmao. I already knew the anime is gonna be crap just by looking at the studio. I'm excited to read the manga however since my friend strongly recommends it. I see we are more a like than I thought :). I also don't drop anime usually. There has to be a very valid reason for me to drop any anime otherwise I give all anime chance until the very end becuase I end up liking some shows just for thier last 2 eps that's why I never give up on any anime I decided to watch. Sousei no Onmyouji anime is filled with filler that's why it's shit, It's something I can drop without remorse If I were a fan of the manga.

Speaking of FF do you agree that it's one of the worst games? And is Sarah hair what they call a side ponytail?
I only played Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core but I never finished it and I have the Royal Edition of FF XV on my PS4, and FF X-1+2 on my Vita. I've been waiting for XV since it was called Versus XII back in the day so I'm very excited to start it once they actually complete the story with all the DLCs.

Yeah I agree that she has many good looking figures but I just could not feel them. The one you posted is certainly the best among the released ones imo, but I'm kinda glad I missed on it so I can get the ones releasing next year since I like them more :)
Let's be real, the animation quality for S2 suffered great damage since they switched to IMS studio. And the anime felt rushed af in general. Putting that aside, I enjoyed it as much as season 1 and I plan on re-watching the extended Blu-Ray edition for both seasons. In case you did not know the BD ver of Season 1 had more scenes than the TV and after S2 came out they released a BD box for S1 that Includes even more new scenes than the old BD for S1. It's called the Director Cut edition. In any case S3 was supposed to come out this year but now the main studio AIC has to figure something out so I don't know when we can expect it to air.

It's a fun and short game with art drawn by the same person who drew the art for one of Japan's most popular dating-sims ever Love Plus. Just please don't take the plot too seriously. You will understand what I mean once you get your first ending lol. I felt like the writers screwed up a big time but somehow the game was a huge success in both Japan and overseas :). It also has a new game coming that I'm looking forward to. I guess you know most of your VNs from Steam and Kickstarter campaigns, right?

Yeah, I knew it's not you because he actually likes and collects manga just like me lol
Also his main waifu is actually Revy from Black Lagoon :3
Another difference that he has a PSN ID. Well, if you were subbed to The Anime Man YouTube's channel then you would have heard of it. The app was a disaster and filled with horny kids and people with extremely weird fetishes. Also you could find all sorts of trolls and bait threads lol. My only regret is not recalling my friend's PSN ID he sent me once. The app was for everything btw not just anime. Since it was an anon app people were able to speak their minds freely, I can easily see why it stopped its services.

Dude you kidding lol? Who does not know Fairy Tail? Actually It's one of my favourite battle shounens. I'm not really a fan of One Piece or Naruto but I love Fairy Tail and I also enjoyed Rave Master manga from the author, it was so damn good and made me cry. It sure took them so long to air the new FT anime. I'm glad that I held myself from reading the manga. I will probably wait for one arc to finish before starting it though. I predict the season would last around 60-64 eps.

Nope, I'm not a fan of Tales of Games and never played single one because my hunch is telling me they are not for me, and I'm not that fond of the art style either. I watched Tales of Zestiria anime though and I kinda liked it lol. If there is any Tales of game that I might enjoy it could be Berseria.

Yes, I have many favourite Seiyuus but probably the one I like the most is Ishida Akira. Other male Seiyuus I love are:
Wakamoto Norio
Nakata Jouji
Shimono Hiro
Koyasu Takehito
Kamiya Hiroshi
Fukuyama Jun
Miyano Mamoru
Uchiyama Kouki
Sugita Tomokazu
... the list goes on lol

As for female Seiyuu the one I love the most is... It's extremly hard to decide lol
but here are some of the ones I love (not in order):
Hanazawa Kana
Kayano Ai
Mizuki Nana
Tomatsu Haruka
Horie Yui
Hayami Saori
Tenda Risa
Sakamoto Maaya
Sawashiro Miyuki
Tamura Yukari
Mamkiko Noto
Ogata Megumi

I'm sorry if that overwhelmed you but that's how it is as you see :D

What about you? Also do you have a favourite Anisong artist and a favourite director?
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We are on same boat them. I suggest you skip on the anime though because the adaptation isn't as good as Clannad or Kanon 2006.

Hey, I'm actually used to Chinese(and also Korean) by now because I did watch a Taiwanese Drama and an amazing Chinese harem anime called Cupid Chocolate/Aishen Qiaokeli-ing. I highly recommend it. I agree that Japanese is the best and I never choose the dub over it unless the anime is of a western origin like the Batman Ninja movie.

That's great. Too bad that I had no real intention of learning. I have a lot of potential to learn it if I do say so myself but I'm just too lazy lol. All of the Japanese I know came from anime, because I don't really go on sites or places to learn. It just when I'm watching I can pick up a lot of things. I actually really love the language maybe that's why it's easy for me to learn it. I do hope that I get motivated to learn how to read and write one day. You are doing great man I wish you good luck :)

Ok that's sounds legit. I'm same as you I don't skip the voice acting because imo that's kills part of the experience. minori's next most anticipated VN for me is Trinoline. I might read Supipara later when waiting for that.

I recall recommending it to a guy who wanted to get into LNs and he finished the entire Web Novel quickly, but I think it's safer for you to try the anime first. (hoping they don't screw up)

ITEM #397154 Nah man this one is just alright, and her face does not feel like an Asuna to me
ITEM #397154 Yeah, I remember thinking this one was good but it seems like it's based on her LN design. I generally like this one but still I did not want my Asuna to be an Idol because I "had" a policy of getting only 1 figure per-character.
ITEM #397154 It's just acceptable, looks alright but not charming.

My favourite colour is actually red, but I noticed I like white more in anime lol
I would not say I have a particular favourite hairstyle. It all depends on the character, and I think I love girls with long hair. What about you? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Like drill hair or Ponytail and Double Buns?

How embarrassing lol. It's for the same reason I did not own an Asuna and Emilia figure. I simply did was not fascinated I saw, and I really like both Tohka and Kurumi. I mostly get figures that makes my heart skip a beat and give me a special feeling when looking at them :)
But hey I actually pre-ordered a figure of Kurumi recently. I'm probably getting both the one in Feb and May. She is the reaosn why I decided to change my 1 character 1 figure policy :P. I also hope to see more figures for other DaL characters. btw did you know that the anime studio responsible for S2 and the Movie shut down recently?

After seeing how bad Rewrite anime turned out there is no way I'm giving Grisaia a chance. 8-bit are only good for Infinite Stratos lol.

If you are not looking for anything that serious My girlfriend is the president is just perfect. In case you ever decided to play it know that Putina Irina is mai waifu lol.
I'm not thinking of trying the "Island" anime until I finish the VN. My gut is telling me I will be ruining it for myself if I watch the anime. It seems the VN has a true end route so maybe the anime just covered that. And I'm actually kind of a fan of the scenario writer so I'm very hyped to try the VN.
I don't like the gameplay for VBF either, but I can learn to like it if the story is good, like what I did with Evencile :D
+ you can always cheat your way in VNs like that if you don't think you are good enough or just can't tolerate the gameplay.

I've not actually seen a single anime from this season yet.
Shichisei no Subaru looks like the type of anime I'll enjoy so I will put it on my plans.
I'm also very excited to watch Wotakoi. I planned to watch it last season but I kinda got busy catching up with other shows so I left it for later. I'd say I'm also a huge fan of SoL comedies, especially in Manga.
I did watch a lot of shows from previous season so I can recommend some of the ones I liked to you if you are interested.
I'm currently watching:
Stop! Hibari-kun
Gegege no Kitarou ( this is a very underated gem and I'd say give it a chance when you are craving for supernatural stuff, but I'd suggest trying Hakaba Kitarou first)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi
Isekai Izakaya

I will probably start watching Overlord III and the recent Gintama season very soon.

I usually avoid shows from P.A Works because they are mostly slow/boring imo so tell me whether your instinct is correct once you watch Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara :)
They have some good shows but that's what I think of them from my personal experience.
and btw my hunch has success rate of over 90% so I never have problems deciding what to watch :D . I enjoy most of the anime I watch because I really know what I'm getting into ^^

Pen pals, huh? That's a nice way of putting it. I've not been writing to many people recently so It's nice that I found someone new to talk to. You remind of a German friend I met with in an anon app called Candid last year, we got along really well but the app terminated its service before we could exchange contacts unfortunately ;( And speaking of pen pals are you familiar with Root Letter VN? That was the main theme of the game.
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Yeah I bet it feels amazing to own the physical edition for one of the most iconic VNs ever. I'm a bit jealous, but honestly I'm not the greatest Clannad fan. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the anime but like I only watched it after playing Rewrite, and that turned out to be a bad idea. I don't own any single Key game physically, but If Rewrite+ received a physical English edition I will defiantly be getting one. Have you played or watched Little Busters? It's the only notable Key work that I've not been exposed to in any medium. I do have access to the best version on the game via my friend's Steam library, I just don't know when is the best time for it.

I've heard about this VN before but I never knew about that scandal thing lol
I don't just back every VN I see so it must have not caught my attention at the time, and I was still new to Kickstarter. The first project I ever backed was for the localization of the Kodomo no Jikan manga :P. It's taking too long but I don't regret backing it. At the current pace we might finally get the physical collection sometime in 2019. I'm glad that there is some progress for your game also :)

That's must be why it was so cheap lol
I'm no grammar nazi since I'm also an ESL. So long as the translation is comprehensible I won't complain. But in case of such games that aren't even in Japanese It might be a bit different for me. It's easier for me to identify translation as good or bad by listening to the Japanese voices. I can't really read Japanese but I can understand a lot of what the characters say with no translation, so that's one thing I'm proud of :D

I'm not new to Minori works. I've read EDEN from them before and it was good, but the additional optional 18+ scenes were very terrible. I also really loved the ef- anime. The direction for that anime was just so amazing. I'll take your word for it then. Will move Supipara to the medium priority. How long would you say it took you? and btw I read some rumours that they might continue Supipara as LN or something.

Ok I will add it to my plans. I love me a short good VN :)

That's weird. It's actually very popular and has a manga. The anime will start in 2019. I finished 8 thick books. It has usually 400+ pages for each volume. I've not been buying it for a while so I'm quite behind atm. It's called Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari in Japanese if that rings any bell. I think you are going to like it so give the anime a chance at least. It will most likely cover the first 4 books because the epilogue of the 4th book makes for a perfect stopping point. Actually I was quite shocked when they announced an anime for a story that had already been finished in Japan. I think the WebNovel finished a long time ago but the LN is still on-going.

That's a relief, I just had a feeling that since you are an Emilia you might like SAO as well because most of my friends who are Emilia fans are also SAO fans lol. And just so you know I don't really get triggered by people having different opinion than mine, but as you mentioned SAO is getting a lot of senseless hate for no good reason other than it's massive popularity. We get that it's not your favourite show but you don't have to comment negative things about it in every single SAO topic -_-
If that's what you think show me an example of what you call a good Asuna figure :P
Of course the upcoming ones don't count because they are actually good.

Her hair colour is what sealed the deal for me. I just noticed over the many years of watching anime that I fall more easily for girls with white/silver hair, and if you look at my collection you will notice that :P. I never watched the anime because It would be such a disgrace. 8-bit is just the worst studio when it comes to adapting VNs. I started the VN before the anime came out but I'm still not in the mood to finish and I don't want to watch the anime because I'm sure it's a trashy adaptation.

I said that they are my favourite "manga" but To LOVE-Ru is also my favourite anime. As for Rosario to Vampire, the anime is does not follow the manga but it's good if you like classic comedy harems (still the manga is the real deal and the MC makes for a better Ghoul than Kenki lol). Gantz was not that popular as an anime until recently so I can let it slide that you never heard of it if you at least know about an anime called Btooom!

Have you heard about the VN called My Girlfriend is the President? This one is pretty fun
and btw the other KickStarter VNs I backed are SubaHibi, some OEL Nukige, and Island. I'm also considering the tentacle corruption game as well Venus Blood Frontier because it looks really unique, and I want to help the devs bring more interesting VNs to the west.

Are you currently watching anything?
hace 2 años
You could say I'm into manga just as much I'm into anime nowadays but I choose my manga more wisely becuase I can be very picky when it comes to the art style. I finished reading a decent amount but it's still nothing compared to the number of anime I watched, becuase I only got into manga later. And btw Gantz is what got me into manga and remains my favourite along with To LOVE-Ru, and Rosario to Vampire Season 2. Unfortuanetly, I am still yet to watch Hyouka, been on my plans since it came out x: I am also fan of Angel Beats and it's definetly my favourite Key anime so far. And as you can tell I also love Tachibana Kanade, we share that same figure :) ( I own the re-released one tho)
I consider Rewrite VN Key best work ever, but Angel Beats game can stand if it does not get canceled. Regarding the Heaven's Door manga, that's really odd. I have more than one manga series from them and their releases are mostly consistent. I'm probably going to pick up the manga once it's complete.

I'm currently reading The Rising of Shield Hero which I assume you are familiar with. Honestly it's my first one and I've not read anything else yet ( other than Danganronpa ZERO and some short storeis). I also own the first volume of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, and I have like 5-6 other LNs I'm considering in the future which are mostly Isekai-based. I'd love to read Re:Zero LN but I still have faith in more anime seasons.

That's nice, I hardly meet other people who are into VNs. I'm usally well-informed about most VNs but it's my first time hearing about the one you mentioned. I gave it a quick search and it seems it only has a machine English translation, was it bearable?

Loool. I think we share the same opnion regarding Grisaia. Man I've been struggling with it for more than 3-4 years, and I could only finish 2 routes so far (Amane, and Makina). It's not really bad but I feel like most of the MCs monologue is unecessary. I'm very glad I did the Amane route first because I got to meet my actual favourite girl Kazuki. Amane was like my fav girl but once Kazuki came into the picture she bacame my waifu <3

I am familar with Supipara but I never really read any opnion about it so I put it on my low priority list, and from the looks of it the English release is not complete yet. I might give it a go once I'm sure it's complete.

Interesting choice. I'm actually one of the people who backed it on KickStarter :D
My perk includes the entire Triolgy both physically and digitally along with the acompanying LN, OST, and Artbook. I'd say you better wait until all games are translated. If you have nothing else planned I suuggest you read G-Senjou no Maou. The main route of this game is just the greatest! It was my very first VN btw and I read it back in 2013.

I just saw your edit now. I don't know whether you like SAO or not but can you believe that it took them until know get Asuna right? I'd say Emilia has it much better, and I'm sure we'll see more good figures of her in the future. I also agree that the Kotobukiya one is good, but when I take a closer look on her face I don't feel very comfortable with it.

Also the most interesting VN I finished recently is called Evencile. All I can say that you are going to love it if you are a Senran Kagura fan. I don't think it's on steam but trust me It's a really fun game, that if you don't mind some heavy 18+ content. I think it took me around 95-100 hours to level up all my chracacters and complete every single side quest. I'd say you can finish it in 50-60h if you just level up enough to advance the story. The plot is actually quite good with some amazing twists. At first it appears to be your generic Isekai-ish Harem but it's much more than that if you give it time. It also has a sequel but it's not yet out in Japan. It became one of my favourite games ever by the time I finished the final chapter.
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That's Ok, I'm mostly fond of her design. I actually don't mind all of the Dating-sim elements becuase I'm an Galge fan :D. I mostly play on PS4 and Vita, and when I play PC games it's usually outside of Steam. I had an Xbox once but I sold it and got PS4 Instead becuase it has better games. I like the idea of the Switch, but tbh It still does not have enough interesting games. Like the only games I really want to play on that system are Zelda, Xenoblade 2, and Bayonetta.

They allow them if their origin is Japanese like the Celestia Ludenberck figure. I personally think they should allow all Asian figures.

Have you played any Visual Novel so far? Also do you read Manga?
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It's same for me, I knew about the franchise for years and I've been looking forward to try one of the Shinning (Tony Taka) games becuase his art is just so irresistible. I only played Refrain, but I have not finished it yet (I'm at end of Ch.5 I put it On-hold for now). I like elves but I would not say It's a fetish and my favourite character is Excela. You could say I got excited to get into the games becuase of her. Unfortuantely I never saw any good figure of her. I was considering getting the swimsuit version since it's actually quite cheap, but then again it feels a bit off so I still have not made my mind about it. btw what do you game on? Steam, PS4, or Switch?

I know where you are coming :D The moment I laid my eyes on her she was like an Instant PO for me. She is just so perfect <3. Also I'm pretty much into anything Alice-related so I did not think twice about it. Red Riding Hood is also a cutie, and Myethos figures are generally prety good from what I saw.
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