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Hello, dear reader,

Welcome to my MFC page; I've been collecting since about 2006, (beginning with this lovely fighter plane) and I gravitate towards amassing artbooks, characters' figures that I like, and Touhou stuff.

Thank you for your views, and may you have a wonderful day.








Weboshidorihace 9 días#86762331It's all good; my greatest thanks for your message.
I've been doing well, and I'm just doing my routine of working and doing a relax after. The weather is much better so I can walk outside, a long overdue effort that needs more time allocated.
I have been buying too much again, but I've been able to curb it better than in the past, because I just don't look at any of those tempting websites, unless at specific times. Among other things, I pre-ordered this Bombergirl figure and finally found a copy of Golializze, an artbook from beatmania IIDX, which is this music game series that I used to be a really big fan of. I've wanted a copy even before I got into anime and collecting at all, so I got my grail of artbooks.
But I am stopping any book stuff until I get a bookcase for them. I don't want to keep bending over and going through stacks, as they are now.
Benben Tsukumo is a Double Dealing Character boss and I really love her character design, but not much else about her is known for me. That website, I really love it, btw. First time I've seen it. I hope to enter my picks for 2021. I found out about Touhou, I think somewhere within Immaterial and Missing Power and Shoot the Bullet, so 2004-5.
Many parts of that popularity poll surprise me, in a good way. Like how Kogasa, Eiki, and Rumia got more votes than Cirno. And how Youmu is the most popular this year. Koishi beating Marisa, I also did not expect.
Watamote is my favorite manga series yet; the characters and the stories are so intricate, subtle, and just well-crafted. I love how Tomoko develops over the series, while still retaining her cynicism, but into a more matured degree. I find myself taking notes with later volumes. Volume 17 got delayed here but oh well XD
About Japanese, I've been wanting to learn it in earnest, after dancing around it for a decade. I have some books but not enough time currently. My goal is to read and speak it, but not really write. I can read kana, a fair number of grammar points, and some kanji, but not nearly enough to read without furigana. I can't speak it much at all, either. Listening to it, I can get about a little less than half of what's said without subtitles.
And for Love Live, I greatly enjoy Nico and Kotori. But I've only seen one episode so I don't know much about the story or the other characters.

Good to hear about the weather and you can get outside, I think people need natural vitamin D to be healthy and be happy.

Is Bombergirl from an online version of Bomberman, i remember playing the first bomberman game on my friend's Play station. It had good mechanics. Did the figure arrive?

Haha Beatmania, I don't think I played that game I think I remember seeing it in the Japanese games. I played a game called Stepmaina on my PC back in the day. I'm looking to buy Groove Coaster for the Switch as it is on special, www.nintendo.co..., which is one of my 2 favourite Japanese Arcade Games to play with In Japan. I looked up the Golializze art book, look like 90's early 2000's artwork. Awesome I appreciate that.

Yes I Remember seeing Benben Tsukumo now in videos, do agree with the really good character design but since she premiered in a side game and didn't seem to get too much fanart I didn't know that she existed and was an official Zun creation up until 3 months ago where i saw her in an PV on youtube.

Oh wow you were there to see Immaterial and Missing Power launch haha .Thats a really long time to know about Touhou and you could see the characters being introduced in games. (Makes sense as you are really good at the game). But yeah I'm glad to have met someone, from the West, who has known about Touhou longer then I have.

With the Website its great that someone has tabulated data from the polls so you can learn generally about other people who passionate about Touhou. I love it.

Yeah Koshi is really popular for some reason. She is a former number 1, strangely enough Marisa has never been a number 1. After the Fans re-drew the Zun art (when i first saw it she seemed less remarkable then others in SA). She has a really good character design and she did make it into the latest fighting game, with her closing her 3rd eye she also has a tragic back story.

Looks like Chino Nendoroid is getting a re-release this month.
ITEM #287708 / www.amiami.com/..., are you going to get?
A quick look look into the comments she keeps her values on the aftermarket. One of my big regrets is that I think I should have collected Nendoroids from the get go instead of Figmas.

On another note
Our Prime Minster Went to Japan to organise Trade, Defence and hopefully travel. We are hoping to get a travel bubble with them but Japan is looking like it will have a 3rd wave of Covid.

I just bought Nendoroid Marisa with an order with Ami Ami. I passed my only hard 1CC playing Marisa instead of Reimu haha.

Looking through your previous articles I notice that I have the same Megumin poster as you.
https://u.cubeupload.com/Sazako/AnimePostersRoom.jpg Sorry shitty phone camera photo. I picked it up at the Perth SupaNova pop Culuture convention a couple of years back.

That's great you got the goal of learning Japanese. I learnt a bit in school to learn Hirigana and Katakana and can ask very basic questions like where is the bus or train station when talking to Japanese people. Its a hard language to pick up. I find it very hard to understand conversation as Japanese people talk quite fast. but the Structure of the language is that you need to only understand a couple of key words in the sentence and you should be all right. I should watch anime with subtitles, and then watch same episode of anime without subtitles to learn lol. Youtube has also made things very easy to learn.

Cool with Love Live. One day I will watch along with Cinderella girls Idolmaster.
As I get older I find it harder to stay up and watch anime/play video games. from the Love Live blog about Nico, it seems she is quite a similar character to Hina "Normally, Nico has quite an abrasive personality, but when she takes on her alternate personality, she becomes a happy, upbeat character who is always smiling"

Stay safe till when we can talk again.
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#85443993I don't know of all the fandoms but I'm going to dare and say that Touhou's unique in its following. Following IOSYS for so long and all the MMDs and fan comics just gave me that feeling. It's like a universe, so much that after Unidentified Fantastic Object my knowledge of their later characters is not as strong; I have to sit down and remember them better, like Kutaka and Benben.
Btw the manga is another thing. I keep forgetting to buy them from being so busy. I need to start buying some others that I've been interested in. I'm not letting it get to me badly because there'll be time eventually.
With your comment it also makes me think about how I want to get into Love Live and get their figures, but I need more time for it.

Belated Happy Birthday, I just got back from working away where it is harder for me to reply, so again apologies for the belated reply.

How have you been in the mean time, order anything new?

Yes I remember a lot of IOSYS and other music and music videos adding so much to the personality of the Touhou characters. With music videos MMD and Douijin, I guess If something suggested it is good it sticks with the Touhou Community if it doesn't it disappears, imo if there is a hint of the characteristic in original Zun's work it has a high chance of being accepted by the fandom. This has been the bed rock on why Touhou Project has been as successful as it has.

Who's BenBen, I remember Kutaka was the Chicken God, as she got a lot of fan work. Yeah it is hard work memorizing all the characters. Characters Up to UFO unless they are a break out character like Junko or Shinon get a lot more attention in Fanworks then the newer characters. Look at the popularity polls and you see all the top spots being dominated by the old Names. These older characters are likely to be player characters as Youmu who placed first this year was a playable character in TH17.

Below is from the site maribelhearn.co...
It shows characters are above 91% appealing. It shows where I discovered Touhou
(I outlined in red) looks like i wasn't alone as a lot of other people who voted discovered Touhou Project in this time. When did you discover it again?

Cool can you read Japanese in the manga? I just read Watamote chapters 80 to 150 recently, and was really impressed with how the authors took the series (it was my favorite anime and I just stopped reading the manga cause i got quite busy in the rest of my life). I was going to get a physical copy of the manga volumes 6 through to 18 from manadrake. I would like to keep them as a keep sake to go on my book case when i finally buy a house. People could look at the covers. I managed to get a wall scroll of it 50% off at Ami Ami.

Did you get into Love Live (do you have a favorite character yet?)? or order any more figures recently, I know they are slightly different genres but i am an Idolmaster fan.
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#85366531Thank you again and have a great weekend. I have so many anime and manga on tap and hardly any time as of late; I have been so busy that the last time I watched any of it was last week. It saddens me, but I have to do the things that pay for the subscriptions, after all. I should have time next week to catch up during a longer break from work. I have Gochiusa Bloom and Strike Witches Road to Berlin on my priority.
I'm interestingly not really a Touhou gamer, despite my love for the characters and the setting; while I do respect the time, effort, and creativity to make the games how they are (and certainly the players themselves), I have this view (realized since the past 7 years) that video games as a whole don't really relax or engage me; instead, they just frustrate and stress me out. The only exception is Minecraft. Gaming is just not really my thing. For Touhou, having to figure out how to avoid the patterns doesn't give me a sense of achievement, only stress. I have a copy of Imperishable Night, and I tried it out a few times. I can beat Easy and get through halfway on Normal before needing a continue.
The doujinshi collecting really blew up when the internet sites come up, like Doujin Republic. I used to only have two for over 5 years. I need to stop for a while though and figure out a better way to store them.

Hey Thank you I had a great weekend, I Rode my bike with my friends and then had a look at a House/property.

Yes what you describe is how I always have felt after entering the workforce. Having a lot of money to indulge in something but not having enough time to do it.
When I entered the workforce I was watching 3 anime a season, now I am lucky to complete one anime per year, the last one i remember watching to completion is "Golden Time."

Also the feeling of being able to buy merchandise when I wanted but either because i didn't follow enough shows, or had no time in unpacking item. Im a bit OCD so I photograph boxes when i open in the intent of writing a review. Good luck with pursuing the Manga you want to watch. So process is very slow. Also now, it might be due to an increase in price or something but am wanting to collect more Cu-Poche / Nendoroids then scale figures.

With Touhou, i guess there is a lot of other things to like about the characters who then just in game presence, its like the touhou community creating videos and drawings/ manga which really flesh characters out. I think watching Lucky Star lead me to Nico Nico Videos which made me find Touhou Project. A Just you creating what you want. But yes Touhou can be very frustrating and dare I say rage inducing if you choke at the last moment. Gaming does use a lot of time.
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#85270062The avatar is Chino from Gochiusa, but she is dressed up like the Vtuber Gawr Gura. Gochiusa is my favorite anime and seeing Chino in Gura's costume is indescribably awesome for me. The artist is on Twitter as Nanashiwan.

Thank you for the clarification. I have seen Chino is from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka, unfortunately I had no opportunity to watch it. I didn't know who Gura, was like many V-tubers. Im glad you got to found the a combination of your favorite character.

I checked out the nanashiwan Twitter, very cute.

Are you following any anime or manga at the moment? Also do you play much Touhou Project games?

Not that i am any expert but you also have an impressive Doujinshi collection.

Have a great remainder of the weekend.
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#84638483I hope that you are having a great weekend as well; my favorite Touhou video is always going to be Bad Apple, but they didn't put Cirno in it, a decision that I still don't understand. Cirno's Perfect Math Class is my favorite with her in it.
I don't really have plans to get more Fumos; the expense is one factor, but another is that I don't really have space to put any more plushies that isn't the floor. I like the Remilia one, but I think I'll be fine to forgo it.

Ah i see Badapple, that is a classic, the black and white visuals are very powerful. Yes I think Cirno's perfect maths class was also one of my first Nico Nico videos which I had seen as well.

Well I'm glad that you got the Fumo you wanted with Cirno, yes it looks very expensive. and its good to limitations on your collection. I think when i first started collecting i expanded way too fast with characters which I like, and didn't like so much but where the hot thing at the time.

Btw who is your avatar here on my figure collection. When i first saw your Tewi article I thought it was Miyoi from Touhou, but the hair colour is different.
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#84490114Hello again,
My apologies for the late reply; I've been busy as of late.But I really recommend Nichijou; that one is a masterpiece for me. The music is fantastic, and the animation is Kyoani as usual, and surreal in a cheerful way overall.
Cirno is my favorite Touhou; when I began all those years ago, Sakuya was my favorite, but Cirno is the strongest fairy.

Hey no problem about the speed of the reply, I'm afraid from now on my replies will be no where near as speedy as they once were for the next two weeks.

And I should formally welcome you to the board as well. Its great seeing other Touhou Fans on here. Having said that your collection is quite varied.

Yes I have seen shorts from Nichijou and really like them, I even have bought the DVD collection here in Australia but unfortunately have not watched it. I got to get around to watching it over the Christmas period this year. Unfortunately I don't watch as much anime as I once did. I think my big period was during later part of my university 2008 to 2010 and when I first started my job from 2011 to 2013. I still check this site a lot of the time though.

Cool with Cirno, do you have a particular favorite PV which features her. In fact do you have a particular favorite Hand drawn or MMD PV? I think one of mine and most infulencial would have been the redone Kero 9 Destiny www.youtube.com.... I too at the very start of discovering Touhou Liked Sakuya as my favorite character too, do still to this day but not as much. Its great to observe how things change over time with Touhou, when new games and characters are released and how that and other factors (like videos coming out of Nico Nico) affect the portrayal of the character's personality.

Do you have any plans to expand your Fumo Collection?

I hope you are having a great weekend!
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WeboshidoriHace 1 mes#84425157My favorite character is Osaka; not just from Azumanga but of all time for me. I have yet to see an anime with a character I enjoy watching more than Osaka. She is one of a kind.
I'm afraid to say that I'm not really replete with knowledge about the secondhand Fumos; the only information I know about is when the MFC entries get updated when the partner sellers have that one in stock. Or if this marketplace has one.
Now that I have this Fumo, Tomoko might be my next grail, but I think I might as well get her figure instead.

Hey I thought it would be better to take the conversation here rather then the Article.
Yes Osaka is really one of a kind, I think she also has the rest of the cast of Azumanga Daioh to bounce off as well. In my opinion there hasn't been anything like it since. I used to watch a lot of those shows influenced by Azumanga, from Haruhi to K-on. Still have to watch Nichijou yet.

Hey the Sega Tomoko figure is rare but not that rare. I had an actually hard time finding her on foot in Akihabara, but the first purchased in Denden town Osaka (2500/in 2014), and then again this year where she was selling at 7500 yen. Yeah I really like her as well. Its good as you are able to interchange her head. Its a pity she never got a scale, GSC iirc was a sponsor of the anime.

Btw is Cirno your favorite Touhou Character?
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