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Hello, is there anyone there?
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Hello! Your inbox is full, so I want to know with the PM in mind, what price are you willing to sell the clothes at? Keep in mind my country does not allow "sending money to friends/family via paypal" so while I could send you the money, but you'll get flagged as a seller.
Hace 10 meses
Hello! Your inbox is full; I need to send you the invoice for #968 Megumi!
hace 1 año
Hello! I just wanted to say that your inbox is full. I wanted to know if it's okay to ship your parts while you're still on vacation :o
hace 2 años
When you clear your inbox, I can send you the invoice for the parts you were interested in, in my selling post. :) I'll keep your parts on hold for about a week (you can message me, reply this comment, or reply to the thread if you'd like an extension the hold for any reason)
hace 2 años
Hey hey. Your inbox was full again, but I've sent out your slots from the World Image Girls Split! Tracking is available on your Paypal invoice. :)
hace 2 años
When your inbox is cleared, I'd be interested in your offer about mutsuki if the prices are reasonable
hace 2 años
Hey hey. I couldn't send you the invoice for your Miyo Asato nendo parts since your inbox is full. Let me know when you are able to make some room, and I'll send it to you!
hace 2 años
No worries! I received the payment ^^ Your inbox is full atm so I thought I'd comment here.
hace 2 años
frostwonderlandhace 2 años#31076041Hello, please clear your inbox so I can send you an invoice ^^

Done! Sorry, I've had a lot of messages lately.
hace 2 años
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