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Nendotaku ^^


nendo wonderland :D
hace 3 años
Dear lord this is impressive...
hace 3 años
Wow, so many nendoroids. *_*
hace 4 años
Holy **** your collection and money stash must be fking YUGE
hace 4 años
Ramielhace 4 años#14808084Yeah, It took many weekends to unbox that many and set them all up. Still got 100+ Nendos in boxes that need setting up. Should have enough now to fill both cabinets!
Wow, I don't doubt! At least it's not every day haha.

What made you wanna collect all of them? They're my favorite type of figures but you're on top of it, man XD
hace 4 años
DEAR LORD, I'm so impressed with your collection! O//A//O I can't imagine how long it must've taken to unbox and set everything up.
hace 4 años
Holy smokes, it's crazy to see that you're still ordering all nendoroids. Do you like them all or at this point it's just a dedication not to miss any?
hace 4 años
It's been a long time between updates, but finally I've managed to unbox all my Nendos and set them up in cabinets!
hace 5 años
Your collection's insane! XD
Good job at getting them all haha!
I'm only starting but there's very few that interests me.
hace 5 años
Past the mark of 500 different individual Nendos today! YAY!
hace 5 años

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