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Where art thou Squirls. It is Monday.
hace 1 año
DylDawghace 1 año#57435265Yo where ya at Squirrel Man?

Be back Monday night. Got postblocked for a dumbass mistake I did. Literally mispressed the 'enter' button on a post with setting to private and got insta-banned.
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Yo where ya at Squirrel Man?
hace 1 año
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
Happy Birthday!
Can't believe its been another year :O
hace 1 año
Hi Squirrel Man
hace 2 años
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
hap berfdey
hace 2 años
Ohhhh you have today birthday....cuteeee....
happy birthday...dia fan:-DDD
hace 3 años
Psycho7ichace 3 años#16081169Yeah I didn't like Dia and Rin at the beginning.....now I have a Rin shrine and Im anxiously waiting for Dia stuff lol

hahha oh :-O that is very scary...... xD
hace 3 años
Psycho7ichace 3 años#16076763I have this coincidental tradition where my most disliked character from the beginning becomes my absolute favorite.(e.g. Rin and Dia)

you dont like rin/dia at the beginning.?Lol or what you mean ? :-0
hace 3 años
Psycho7ichace 3 años#16063571Omg yeah! Dia's been my favorite Sunshine ever since Hanamaru became the biggest moe blob I've ever seen....

oh me too...Dia is from the beginning my favorite girl. *_* haha
hace 3 años
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