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I wanted to thank you for the statue but your inbox is full. I got it in a while ago but I just got around to opening it. After I put up my displays, I’ll upload some pics of it. I also had a question for you. Are you still selling that Ryu Sasuke?
Hace 9 meses
Hey I messaged you but your inbox is full! I am still looking to buy hisoka! Thanks for messaging me! Pm me your asking price!
hace 1 año
Hi! I have PM you for an Ad you posted. Please let me know if you are selling it. Thank you!
hace 1 año
Have you had the chance to refund me my payment like you said you would yesterday?
hace 1 año
May you please just refund me my money back? I'd appreciate it.
hace 1 año
Any update on whether you've had the chance to ship the Naruto statue I've purchased from you about 4 days ago?
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hace 1 año
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