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Sorry, made some room
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Thanks for dropping the helpful info about ordering from GSC on amazon.jp!
hace 2 años
Yes I totally agree! Same here lol. I mostly get from Alter and Flare. Then max factory, Alphamax and GCS or perhaps Koto. I never appreciated anything else other than scale figures, and I really enjoy having these pieces of arts displayed.

When I started collecting back in 2013, I didn’t know much about the quality and the companies so I made few mistakes in purchasing not so good figures. But your collecting look awesome!
hace 2 años
That’s a awesome scale figure collection!! Do you only collect scale figures?

Oh and I see that you mostly like top notch quality figures and have a good taste In choosing the best companies out there like I do!
hace 2 años
Your inbox is full but I'm very interested in Ad #150045. Could PayPal you today. Thanks!
hace 3 años
Hi, your inbox is full, I'd like to have some information about sale #150045.
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