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I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
hace 5 años
Alles gute zum Geburtstag :)
hace 6 años
Happy new year 2013
Best wishes ^_^
hace 6 años
Ich wünsch dir einen guten rutsch und ein frohes neues Jahr.

hace 6 años
Ich wünsche dir frohe Weihnachten und erholsame Feiertage :)

hace 6 años
MonkeyD (hace 6 años) #983480Hey Gen
Sieht so aus, als haben wir das gleiche Hobby. Willkommen in der spannenden, aber teuren Welt des POP-sammelns...
Seit wann sammelst Du denn?

Oh, sorry. Ich habe gar nicht gesehen, dass du an meiner Pinnwand geschrieben hast! ^^
Ich sammel erst seit Februar diesen Jahres. Meine erste Figur war Ruffy (Sailing Again). ^^
Wenn ich mir deine Sammlung so anschauen, dann sammelst du bestimmt schon seeehr lange.

Liebe Grüße,
hace 6 años
MonkeyD (hace 6 años) #990852Vielen Dank!
Ist mein ganzer Stolz :-)

Versteh ich! Unserer auch. ;)
Sowas kann ja auch schnell zu einem der wertvollsten Besitztümer werden die man so hat. ^^

Kennst du die Seite für P.O.P Sammler auf Facebook schon?

hace 6 años
Wow! Großartige Sammlung! :)
hace 6 años
well im glad im sticking to one line and im specific on my collection but problem with that is MH knows what i like..
Yeah ive been looking around for a decent priced + shipping crisin nami. i oredered from otacute aswell. ill probably suck it up and pay the $60 shippinf if worst comes to worst.
Yeah i love grouping my figures looks more epic, ive got the new world strawhats, current shchibukais, whitebeard pirates.. and looks like ill be getting the supernovas hahah i might have to get the jp special luffy to have his attire fit the supernovas.. id love a bepo PVC figure but i found this one and it was hard to turn down www.nippon-yasa...
plus it doesnt look half bad here PICTURE #449422MonkeyD (hace 6 años) #986634Haha. MH knows exactly how we collectors work... They just keep releasing one awesome figure after the other... I'm already looking forward to put all the rookies together!

I ordered the Crimin-Nami from Octacute. She was cheapest there but I know for sure that the packaging-fee will bring me to tears... Haha!
The whole Crimin-order was out of reflex anyhow. The two old bikini-editions from Nami and Boa are some of the few figures I don't own, because I never really liked them. But somehow this special-edition-incl-fancy-book-and-extra-nice-box got me somehow :)
Oh, and regarding Bepo: I soooooo hope they bring out a "normal" POP of him. I would be the first one to order!
hace 6 años
Congrats on the strong world collection..
yeah youll love the other 2 shichibukai for sure, i caved in and orderd bonney i promised myslef just new world to save some money but i saw kid and killer and was like screw it so pre ordered bonney, gonna hunt down bepo and law.
btw were did your order your crimin name from?MonkeyD (hace 6 años) #985992Hey, nice to hear from you!
Sadly there's no reason for an update as I only got two - three more POPs in the meantime (Strong World is now complete).
The rest is all on preorder (I didn't get the jap. version of Bonney, Gekko and Doflamingo). So I have to play the waiting game...
I'm really itching to hunt a Garp V.0... But as it's just a little bit more than a repaint of the original Garp I'm not so sure... And my month is already expensive enough with Usopp & the new Nami :-).
hace 6 años
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