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«A hundred lives, never changing them or anything.»
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Welcome to my profile!

I like Fate, Oreimo, Erased, Mirai Nikki, No Game No Life, VOCALOID,

Stuff I have watched/that I'm watching is linked here

I own a lot of stuff, so I probably won't post it all here, considering a lot of my doujinshi isn't on here. You can add me/ask for pics/message me though!

I'd like to meet new friends! I've been collecting for about 7 years now.

Just by living I’m hurting them another day
Hundreds cry, all I do is ruin everything
Nobody wanted me, no one there to need
If only I could live in that kind of world I dreamed

Oreimo, Fate series, Erased, Mirai Nikki, No Game No Life, Noragami, Cowboy Bebop, etc.
Arina Tanemura is my life
My steam is lunaticthespian if you wanna add me (under Nero Claudius)
Puntos MOE
moe fang, yandere, maid, cosplay, owo, little sister


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I am not good at English.
Meaning is okay to say
My friend 's regards

ぼくも えいごが にがて だから だいじょうぶ!
いみ わかるから へいきだよ
ともだち よろしくね!
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MillyParis (Hace 3 meses) #26784505Happy birthday!!!!!!!
Thank you very much (^▽^)
Hace 3 meses
MillyParis (Hace 5 meses) #23902399Thank you!!! no problem at all!! :D I am hyped as heck for him! I have a cosplay of him :P
Your collection is awesome too!

Yeah ! Astolfo is best grill XD i would like to see your cosplay haha :P
Hace 5 meses
thanks for the FR and thanks for the link of Astolfo's pre order :) you have a nice collection btw
Hace 5 meses
MillyParis (Hace 6 meses) #23750842Thank you for adding me! my inbox is open any time if you wanna talk :)

No problem! I see you are a Fate and ERASED fan as well ^^
Hace 6 meses
Welcome to the board MillyParis! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.