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Helloooo, I actually found out a few weeks ago that I had my profile comments off anyway lol so it's ok xD anyway, I didn't buy anything either. There was a Saber Medicom RAH figure in the exclusive black suit which someone was selling for a much much much relatively less price from 50K to 25k, argued with them, made it go down to 22K but I ultimately still didn't buy it, didn't feel like it to be honest. There was a GK for Jeanne on her horse as well but the price was too high for my nonexistent GK painting skills. In conclusion I didn't buy anything as well lol.

Anyway I am not quite sure if I will have the chance to go there again this summer, it will depend on the time and if I am financially able, if God wills I hope I will be able to.

Have a great day dude, I hope everything is ok on your end.
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wat is up my dude
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Hope you had fun at wonder fes, did you manage to get anything by the way?
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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