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Jr Ootengu by Myethos
Yamata no Orochi by Netease (SELLING)
Chibi Cthulhu-chan by Fengrong
Illumi Zoldyck by Hunter Fan Studio

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Thicc Calves
Froggy Fashion
NIJISANJI [2434] fanclub
Male tareme eyes
Watanabe Akio FC
Amazing OC GKs!
Unhinged Husbando Society
Puyo Puyo + Madou Monogatari FC
Wavy Hair Lovers

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Very nice profile !
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Lol steal away~ It looks good!
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Hey! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ It's #BCA9F5. I tried to have it match the purple in my background lol
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I'm so sorry I didn't know they were bootlegs
hace 6 días
I missed that one. Corrected it already. thanks!
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why are we here just to suffer
hace 16 días
Thank you for the birthday wish !!!
hace 24 días
TheCringeMasterHace 1 mes#102998306no more guu guu :(Don't worry, Carbunny is still in the about, he's just quiet.
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no more guu guu :(
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She ain't no Rika Shiguma, but I'd still take her to McDonald's.
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The actual about

Hi :3

I started collecting figures in 2020. I wanted to make my surroundings more interesting since I have an illness that keeps me at home most of the time. I collect slowly, partly to avoid impulse purchases, partly for financial reasons and partly because that's just how I like it. I'm planning on learning how to paint garage kits! Right now it's just a question of when to start... I'm also interested in collecting plushies.

I love Fate and Merlin is my favourite character of all time. I aim to make a small shrine for him.

My taste in guys: Intelligent. Does whatever he wants, for better or worse. Laidback and is rarely suprised by anything. Inhuman and/or extremely old is a bonus. In appearance I like guys that are beautiful but definitively masculine. Things I especially like are: long hair, beauty marks, wavy hair, muscles, tareme eyes, etc.

The actual about (part 2)

Various artists I like:
-Watanabe Akio
-Gustav Klimt
-Matt Roszak
-Sven Nordqvist

I'm a big fan of Madou Monogatari and Compile-era Puyo Puyo (can you tell?). I sometimes add old merchandise to the database. Carbuncle and Satan are my favourite characters. I wish Alter would make figures of more characters and not just Arle!

Shotas are my weakness, I like everything with shotas in it ///u__u///

I'm always open to chat with PMs :)


Everything I'm selling is in this list, if it's not there it's not for sale!
Import from Japan

Till havs!


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It's all fanfiction baybeee
Puyo Puyo, Homm3 and Shadowverse
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Angel, wavy hair, pointy ears, smile
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