Figures may be slowly taking me over again... *Update, they have
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Aloha! I've been figure collecting since October 07 and my collection is still growing strong! I'm an avid follower of Danny Choo, member since December 07 I think...
My favourite franchise is probably To Heart. To Heart 2 Another Days more specifically. Clannad, Kanon, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Sky Girls, Strike Witches are some of my favourite anime series.

Will probably update this area more at a later date...


shckwvHace 3 meses#118285434Have a wonderful birthday!

Thank you!!!
Hace 3 meses
Have a wonderful birthday!
Hace 3 meses
Hey I’m so glad it reached you safely, enjoy !
hace 1 año
Yeah I guess few people check here, let’s do this through PayPal send me a dm with your PayPal and I’ll invoice you.
hace 1 año
Hi sorry it took me forever to reply :( shipping with tracking to the uk is 15,95€
Total is 50,95€.
Let me know, I’ve seen aftermarket price are crazy (14k omg)
hace 1 año
Ok cool, I’ll do a shipping quote if I try tomorrow if not it will be Monday and I’ll come back to you.
hace 1 año
Yes I do, where are you living?
hace 1 año
Hi I still have it :)
hace 1 año
Marshmallowpiehace 3 años#66286207I saw your comment on an item – it was a year old comment, but it made me kinda happy to see you were still around a bit. And, even older, but you had a post about the Punchline game on your blog. I really loved that anime, too bad a lot of people missed out on it due to thinking the plot was so ridiculous and not paying attention to who the writer was.

@Marshmallowpie I've been so bad at logging in on here but I'm so glad that there are some old guard still around too!!! I still can't believe Punchline didn't get more love! Least it got an English release in the end though!! :D
hace 1 año
Happy birthday once again!
hace 2 años
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Re:Zero, Boku no Hero, Mayoiga, Wayward Pines, Big Order, lots more.
Does reading Steins;Gate count? XD
Steins;Gate, Hunie Cam, Pokemon(always) Harvest Moon(always)
Puntos MOE
What I like in/on anime chara's? Green hair, curvier chara's, gals named Chie. I do like figures with thigh high socks too I spose lol Plus, I do NOT like tsundere on girls. Tsundere on guys is another matter XD I find that adorable... Domyouji-kun <3 XD
B1A4!!!!! BAP, Beast, UKISS, Infinite, BIG BANG, many many Kpop groups, Klonoa soundtrack, lotsa other kpop lol.
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