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PM sent :D
Hace 6 meses
Hi, did you get the parcel?
Hace 8 meses
Hi, I sent you a PM! ;D
Hace 8 meses
Majikhace 2 años#24452528Zoek je nog steeds iemand om Edward mee te groeporderen? Stuur me een pb'tje?
Ik heb hem en Al toevallig net vandaag al gepreordered bij N-Y uiteindelijk... Ik vind het ook niet echt waard om 20-30 euro extra te betalen voor een bonus hoe leuk die ook is ;_; Rot invoerkosten ook
hace 2 años
Hey hey,
I'm here to reply in person to take your worries away ;)
I replied to your last message on aniway just to be safe. Just as Eloines said, I was away for a couple of months, but forgot to mention this as I was busy with preparations to leave, and had entrusted the package with someone else to ship it, but I guess they forgot to send it, something I discovered today..
I'm so sorry, but your package will be send out tomorrow! :)
hace 5 años
Majikhace 5 años#2984925Hey, do you have any contact info of Desolato? I checked my bank, and I paid her the 22th of March. Still no figure, and it's the 14th of May. Glad you got yours, but I'm seriously feeling like crap right now.

Heyhey, wow, didn't think it would take this long. My order came in a random French box with no notes inside and I don't know her in real life. I do know that her town is like half an hour away from mine.. Where do you live? (country)
If you paid via Paypal I suppose you could file a complaint there to get your money back..
hace 5 años
Majikhace 5 años#2931102That's kinda the thing. I think we ordered around the same time. I paid about a month ago as well. I'm relieved by the fact you got your order though.

I received mine 4 days ago and I live really close to her. She also made a thread on aniway.nl with the same items here :


If it says "VERKOCHT" or "GERESERVEERD" it means it's sold/reserved.
hace 5 años
Majikhace 5 años#2926000Did you receive your parcel from Desolate yet? I ordered something from her too, and I'm getting slightly worried...


I understand why you're worried. I was too. My package wasn't shipped until like a month later because he/she left for a while. I think they went on vacation or something lol. It's totally legit though. Well packaged in a sturdy box with newspapers and bubblewrap.
hace 5 años
Majikhace 5 años#2881848Happy birthday to you! Hope it's a good one!

Thank you, I had a nice day. ^_^
hace 5 años
Majikhace 5 años#2452986I'm interested in your preorder GSC Sakura! Do you think you have the bonus charm?She'll have the charm, yes. So I'll sell you her then, I'm checking to see if I can have GSC ship her directly to you and in your name. I'd ask only for the retail amount they ask me which is $59.41 I believe.
hace 5 años
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