• Thank you <3
    I wasn't able to have a party, but had a nice birthday anyway. Picked up dinner from my favorite restaurant and rented a movie.
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    Fair enough. :P

    Ah, big rip. Shipping cost does take quite a jump once you go over a certain threshold. There are cheap people everywhere, but I hope there are fewer in the Finnish market. Sure, you might lose some money, but buyers, please don't lowball to the extreme. :,)

    Oh, I see. I wonder how much longer will Bandai survive in the market then...maybe popular IPs are the only thing that keeps them afloat.

    It's so sad to see that decrease in quality control. Sometimes, I feel that companies may be taking in more than they should, as there are just so many delays nowadays, even before COVID. Release dates are less realistic and more meaningless. Why put out several mediocre products in a short period of time instead of fewer in that same period? Even just setting more reasonable deadlines can help ease consumers' minds.

    Lol, yeah! Parfom doesn't seem like a line suited for male characters, just because the thighs make them look so feminine.

    Thighs ftw! (〃 ̄︶ ̄)人( ̄︶ ̄〃) Rorona's and Hakufu's are (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) Elin figures are also super powerful. Some that I really like are ITEM #549655, ITEM #78830, ITEM #219518, ITEM #331751, ITEM #144366, and probably any of ENTRY #162351's lol. There's just something about legs tapering downward that's so alluring.
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    Thank you ^^
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    Dankje! En, ja, soortvan zomervakantie. :P Aan het werk, haha. Niet meer bij een tulpenboer dit keer, maar een wat normalere kantoorbaan xd.

    Ach ja, ik snap dat je op een gegeven moment gewoon weer 'normaal' je dingen wilt gaan doen. Zeker wanneer je met kinderen of anderen thuis moet zitten. Het begint bij mij op kantoor ook allemaal weer langzaam terug te komen, en ik moet zeggen dat dat wel een stuk gezelliger en fijner is, haha.

    Uuuuuuh, nee, dat klopt, sorry! :x
    Oh wow, dat is wel een hele stap, emigreren. Vanwaar de keuze voor Finland? :P
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    Hello again! I hope you are going Well!

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038Hello again! :)
    I have the feeling that the amount of blogs, new pictures, etc. is not really lower, but I think the interaction/amount of hits etc. is lower than it used to be. I'm just really surprised because you would think that people now have time to finish things they had in their backlog. If it wasn't for me being busy with unpacking from my move, I would for sure be catching up with sifting through pictures for blogs I have planned.

    Yeah I thought so as well. With the lock downs you would think people would be finishing off a project, like writing an article for this site or looking through the article section. If they didn't have the attention to that looking through the articles on this site which they might interest them or if anything had written about their favorite figures/figures in their collection. I would also think that they might start post processing/posting photos in their backlog, I kind of have kicking my Alice Autumn adventure into gear and then preparing the photos for the forth out of my fifth travel article, photos are selected and post processed, just need to post them and type a description, then compile the text and maps for the article.

    Also have you noticed that My Figure collection have deleted the Likes on all the articles? Mine are all missing from everything which I have which i have written from more then 3 yearsa ago.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038And that is a really nice shirt! I don't understand the meme part of it, though? I'm not that much into Touhou community anymore, although I keep on liking the character designs and sometimes check on new releases that have come out.
    Will do! Right now I have my eye on:
    Hoping it will stay in stock for a while more!

    I like to describe it as a Meme, perhaps i describe it such as it is drawn in a funny Chibi character with a funny expression, in the middle of the rising sun and the text says drink Sake! Black and white colour skeme are very cool. Cool did you get the Kantai collection jumper, that reminds me Rakuten online market place shut down, another place where to buy second hand figures and anime merchandise shut down.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038Wow, I think it's really cool that you already had access to model kits when you were so young! :O I didn't see them before joining this website.
    Ah yes, I have heard of Skylines. :) Not really my type of game to play (although I did play Simcity as a kid/teen), but I hear a lot of good things from other people that play it.

    Yeah my parents were pretty cool, and in Australia we got no cool stuff, always with the PAL release after the NTSC in Japan and the US. Yes city skylines isn't for everyone. As an engineer I find myself paying a lot more attention for long spans at a time about games about building rather then destroying. I loved Sim City 2000 as a kid, this is its big brother.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038 Well, your pictures are more like travel guide/travel memory, right? So I personally see it more as a diary thing instead. Makes sense that you won't spend a lot of time setting up for such a thing, because you want to enjoy your holiday as well. :)
    Oh! I really like those printed books! I actually have been thinking about it before, to make a sort of magazine-style print of some of my favorite/most popular articles, but never got to it. I'm so bad with graphic design.

    Yes excatly they are travel guide for Japan enthusiasts of this site as i try and cover all the important sites which i go to. I was inspired by this blog about a plush of Madoka's Kyubey. BLOG #1138. Yes i do enjoy my holidays, they have prevented me from buying a house, however they have been put on hold for the time being though, i can't even fly to other states in Australia without self isolating for 14 days.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038All my new coworkers are very nice, it's a bit hard to get to know them all through video camera, but in a couple of months I hope I can see them all at the office.
    Nope, unfortunately I'm very bad with languages. I'm trying my best on some basics with Finnish, but it's one of the hardest languages out there, on top of my already bad language skills. >.< I hope that in a couple of years I'll know some basics for conversations in shops/with neighbors etc.
    Wouldn't really say I'm popular here anymore, unless I get more active on blogging again, haha!

    Did you manage to meet your co-workers in person yet. Things seemed to have died down in Europe except the UK as broadcast in Australia. I hope you got better at Finnish. Haha i know what you mean about being deficient in language skills, I started writing articles here aafter i got out of university to improve my language skills.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038Well yeah, it sounds like bragging, but I don't really know how to put it otherwise: I was one of the fastest workers there, so they had a lot of work to pick up that I left behind. I still sometimes have contact with one of my former coworkers there and they never replaced me, it just got busier. And yes, thanks! Lots of ups and downs in just that small bit of text LOL.
    The north of Finland is almost like permanent winter, so if you check out some temperatures and expected snow before you go, you will be good! The southern part where I live is in general already 'warmer'. I have no clue about the 72h and not needing a VISA though, is that for Russia or Finland? We are planning to take the train to St Peters-burg one day as well, maybe as our vacation for 2021. :)

    Its find to Brag if it is true, I have found that greedy business will abuse hard workers to make a profit, the situation your co-worker describe seems like they valued profit over workers, which may work in the short term. From my point of view i don't need a Visa to visit Finland as an Australian, but i need one to enter Russia, I need to do more research into it though. As someone who builds things for a living i am amazed by the architecture they have in St Peters-burg. I hope 2021 is better than 2020 so far.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038Oh wow, buy a home without mortgage?! That seems like an impossible dream to me! But it seems like you have some good plans, so good luck! :)
    We now both work and live in Finland. :) But I was talking about before when I was still in the Netherlands and he already moved to here. And wow, such low numbers of corona! But that is good! I hope it stays that way.
    I know from my own collecting that I'm very materialistic, but I am quite a cheapskate when it comes to other stuff. For example, I won't buy new furniture until the old stuff is worn out, with electronics I also mostly hold onto them until they are (close to) dying, clothes I wear for a long time before retiring as well etc. I feel like only on those three subjects I am already a lot cheaper than most other people...I know so many people that regularly redecorate their home and replace all their furniture, people that take a new phone every other year etc. So even though I have expensive hobbies, I feel like I handle my finances well when it comes to retirement and starting hopefully soon also more in making travel possible.

    I can buy a home without Morgate in the outskirts of Major city which isn't sydney or Melbourne, or i could buy a pretty good house with lots of space in the country side, I always thought i would buy a house in the city but now the country is looking more and more appealing. I like the idea of being able to grow your own food smaller community appeals to me as i get older. I have had the privilege of working in Small Australian towns within the last 4 years and like what i saw. Yes Australia has still done very well against Corona Virus. Yes i am like you pretty cheapskape, I like buying things which I have deemed as good value, recently I have really toned down the collecting figures and now going for Nendoroid and Cu-Poche over Scales. I think i should have rendered more financial aid to Kotobukiya in their Cu-Poche line over the dominance of Nendoroid. I have also started collecting anime shirts. I have noticed that browsing the second hand section of ami ami that the price on 70% of their scales and Nendoroids have like halved where there is a large increase for 15% of the rare runs.

    Im thinking i should make an anime or Touhou Themed bike. Also next time i go to Japan I hope to see a Keirin race en.wikipedia.or..., I have never seen a Sumo Tournament.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038I liked RE3 quite a lot, but it's because of nostalgia goggles for sure, I can understand a lot of complaints people have about this remake. It's very short and a lot of environments and enemies are re-used from RE2 (this was already the case in the original game). If you're in general a fan of the franchise it's fun, but otherwise I would recommend to wait for it to come on sale. I didn't buy Doom Eternal yet, I don't really have time to play games right now, so it's better for the wallet to wait until it had a few pricedrops.

    Im glad you liked the RE3 remake quite a lot. I have fond memories of playing RE4 on my game cube when I was in High school. Yes with being very time poor, unless you want to support the developers its definitely good to wait for sales and price drops. I have payed full price for games made in Perth in recent memory.

    MaakieHace 2 meses#77723038Heh, I really like that hoodie! :D And yeah focus is more on goods right now and hopefully starting 2021 more traveling. :) So my money will get spend at other fun things haha.
    Well according to the youngsters, Facebook is not cool anymore and they're on apps like Instagram, Tiktok and a couple of others. Very recently I opened up a Twitter: twitter.com/Maa... , but I'm not really active on social media. I keep it mainly to MFC and private mail/chatting with people on the internet.
    Yes, I really like that about Syoko! Both her 'personalities' are very cute to me. :) I recently started using imgbb for image hosting, which multiple users here recommended me. Only time will tell if it stays that way (same for Cube I guess...)
    If you don't mind me asking, then you are going to travel somewhere else to do work? Is that still possible? :O

    Thank you for your comment, I really like wearing the hoody now its my favorite, I wear it to the local shops and feel cool. Yes i wish you all the best for your travel plans in 2021. I hope to travel to Cairns which is in Queensland with my partner at the end of this year or next year, where the Great barrier reef is. Yeah agree Facebook isn't popular with the youngsters, im not a youngster and its still my active social media, don't have a tik tok or instagram. Have you had much luck with your re hosting of photos.
    Yeah at the moment i am going to travel on a 2 hour jet plane trip to some other place in my state to do work. (Yes Australia is very big).
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    May the odds be ever in your favor! Actually tried to avoid the reference, since I suppose not everyone has read/watched The Hunger Games. xD

    I feel that, but with random Vocaloid books I bought back in the day. Although somehow I was finally able to get some to move! Probably something to do with the pandemic and people being bored out of their minds. If it's not a scale you're basically in for a long waiting time unless you sell it for really cheap. :<

    Yeah. One of those times when not having shading is probably a positive, haha.

    Every time I hear MegaHouse, I think of Bandai and disappointed Sailor Moon fans, so yeah! As for that figure, I was really wowed by the articulated arms! It's like a hybrid scale-action figure, where the design choice was appropriate and well-integrated.

    I agree that the increase in price isn't in line with the increase in quality these days. There's got to be something else contributing to it, whether that be licensing fees, corporate greed, etc. People have made so many blogs about it, but I'm still not sure if there's been a straight conclusion or hard evidence on the matter.

    Eyes that look in some sort of direction does help a figure...gain sentience lol. That reminds me of an interview with the people who designed ENTRY #42949. My Japanese is nowhere near proficient, but Google Translate gave a decent enough translation, I think:

    Personally, I feel that I can look more cute by not putting the black eye in the center of the white eye and removing the line of sight or raising the eyes. It's kind of strange to have black eyes just looking at the front. I think I'm not thinking anything, or I'm in a state of "nothing" when I stopped thinking. It looks just like a "thing".

    I don't collect characters I'm not familiar with, but that didn't stop me from looking at all her figures (or anyone else's in general lol). ITEM #645864 reminded me of how much I like Parfom, as well as how slowly Phat has developed that line. orz I live for thick thighs, yo.

    That's so cool! It goes to show that a slight change in the positioning of an iris can make all the difference in a figure's mood/tone.
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    Hello! It's been a very long while since we've spoken! How are you doing?

    I've sorta half disappeared from this site but occasionally pop up (you got some awesome loot hauls!!!)

    I hope you're finished with unpacking everything for your apartment, PayPal is okay with your move, you've mastered Finnish, and you got medical insurance though your employer~

    It's also summertime and I hope Lakkas are in the markets for you!!

    Where I'm at, some things are starting just starting to open like restaurants, malls, and beaches. There's even talks about opening up the office but lots of people don't want to go back to work at the office and rather work from home lol. However, there's alreasy a rise of COVID-19 and a few restaurants already shut down when some employees tested positive for it.

    That's actually a good thing your government is taking it seriously. We're getting our second wave of COVID-19 cases... I'm pretty hesitant to go out to malls and restaurants and will be cautious until a vaccine or cure is made.

    Call center jobs are always crappy. Actually, the government is hiring lots of jobs for call centers to deal with the high influx of health, medical, and unemployment stuff. The turn over rate is still high though >.>

    Once, I had to travel for work so I actually had to book a hotel and I'll get reimbursed for food and hotel (I drove a company car and had company gas card). It took me about 3 months and a mountain of paperwork to get reimbursed back.

    As for your Maakie name, I think it's fine that you prefer to be called that name — it's the identity you are comfortable with. It's understandable that you have to use your full name in official documents though.

    Is your sister's wedding still happening? And your vacation? We have some anime conventions that are still happening but that is in the fall but with things going, it might get cancelled...

    I've never heard of San Marino before and it looks pretty from the pics I saw on Google! Actually, I'd love to visit Budapest! That place is also on the top of my list to travelin Europe. Mona Lisa is definitely an important historical piece but I have a feeling I'll be like "eh" if I saw it in real life >.<

    Haha, I don't blame you for not being too excited about the Dutch tulip flower fields since you've grown up with it. I think they're very pretty and colorful~ Finland is very mountainous compared to the Netherlands right?
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    Thank You ^^
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    Laat antwoord, maar dank je wel! <3

    Het was een rustige verjaardag, mijn ouders zijn langsgeweest maar that's it. Ik vier het meestal niet groots, tho, dus eigenlijk ook niet veel verschil met 'normaal'.
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    Good luck with the downsize! Only the best ones survive. :)

    I can see that lol. I think the shape of the mouth gives off that "e" sound...like the one in "help"! xD And oh yeah, there's definitely something weird going on with Cafe Miku. Maybe the bangs are lifted from the face, casting shadows on it? That plus the expression only screams mischief.

    Those eyes are so cute! And dang, really? I don't think of late 2000s figures looking like that. Reminds me more of 2012~2014+ for some reason (then again I've only been in this hobby since 2013).

    I'm really drawn to ITEM #464566's eyes. Similar to that Airi figure, there's a bit of white of the eyes under the irises. It's kind of appealing to me for some reason. Is it the zettai ryouiki of the eyes? ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
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