• thank you so much!!♥️♥️♥️
    hace 13 días
    thank u so much !!! ^__^
    hace 14 días
    Hiya!!! It's been way wayyyy too long >.> I've been away from this site for quite some time due to work (working 10-12 hours a day, plus an hour for commute to work and another hour for the commute back home). I'm so behind on everything on this form and have some catching up to do...

    I hope you, your husband, and your loved one are doing well, despite the chaos of 2020. I feel like 2020 is now a curse word but hey we're almost though 2020.

    How was your summer holiday? Are you still in the middle of your holiday? Did you find any lakka or other delicious berries? I remember you mentioned a lakka chocolate cake that was very sweet - I was thinking it should be tart too not sweet...

    And how's your unpacking? I remember that you were almost done with unpacking from the last time we've chatted. And how's finnish language so far? Did PayPal finally stop being mean to you? Are you still working at home or at the office?

    Last time I spoke, I said we're in the second wave but actually, we're still in the first wave (because America) but we have partial re-opening on almost everything ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

    It's interesting to hear about weddings. Your sister's wedding is a social distance wedding that's downsized while weddings I've heard here is almost back to usual, without social distancing (((╹д╹;))) pretty crazy and scary...

    I saw deals to travel to Europe and Asia for really cheap but I'm pretty sure I will have an impossible time traveling back home haha...
    hace 18 días
    sorry for a late response!! But I will definitely check it out..btw..have u played parasite eve?? I want to try that out too !!! Looks super interesting..

    and i saw that too!! I havent played dead by daylight but I've played a game quite similar to it (identity V) and I really enjoy it a lot !! I will definitely try dead by daylight just for the silent hill dlc heh.. and yeah konami is weird ..but I still have a sliver of hope ..wishing for SOMETHING...v_v..

    And omg.. it's really good but that's fine haha..I love the pixel aesthetics a lot.. !!! What other types of games do you like??? Do you play ajimal crossing ?
    hace 18 días
    fank u for the birthday wish however MFC messed up da date i’m actually a capricorn T__T i rlly appreciate it tho!! thank u again for adding those images back in2 that one article i was curious abt i bet that was a hassle
    hace 18 días
    Oh really :o I'll change my settings
    hace 27 días
    i havent played resident evil yet!! i wanna try it out one day, maybe watch some playthroughs.. my favorite type of horror is psychological horror.. but in general, I just love horror games.. I havent really had the time to check out games as much as I want to.. ;^;

    Also the second silent hill is super good! I loved the music and the story was more grim than the first and third. I like how every game had a different.. perspective? Of silent hill. I keep seeing rumors about a possible remake or something like that? Have you seen them too? A remake would be nice, I'd be willing to buy haha!

    Do you like rpg horror games such as yume nikki? That's sort of like exploration..its a very simple game but it has a unique charm to it. The fan games for it are very cool too :3
    Hace 1 mes
    you're welcome!!♡♡ your collection is so cool :3

    And yes I do! I love silent hill so much, my favorite is probably the 3rd. Or either the 4th one.. !!3rd is more nostalgic for me as it was my first silent hill game i played but the 4th one was very interesting. It was different from the rest and had a different type of horror about it, really enjoyed it!^-^
    Do you have a favorite one??:3
    Hace 1 mes
    i feel u!! and yea i hope so too!! thank u again!! (*≧∀≦*)
    Hace 1 mes
    Thank you so much! Really means alot.You stay safe out there as well!
    Hace 1 mes
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