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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1450

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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 2355

Thinking about selling/trading ~Part 1~450


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Note regarding selling/trading:
I am currently downsizing my collection and selling a huge amount of figures and merchandise! For feedback and currently active sales you can check out my eBay www.ebay.com/us... or send me a message on here if something from my selling lists catches your eye!

Since 2022 I have been focusing more on garage kits and other crafts. I post about that on MFC as well, but for all the videos and socials, please check out linktr.ee/craft... .


Hello! My name is Maakie, originally from the Netherlands and nowadays living in Finland. I'm a huge fan and collector of Baccano! and I try to get my hands on everything from this franchise! My other great loves are Mecha Musume (where I especially love the older designs of Humikane Shimada) and Dorohedoro. I also have a soft spot for everything from Chrono Crusade, artist POP, Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 and Duel Monsters, Nurse Witch Komugi and horror games and movies. Next to that I still have some side-collections that are dear to me and hard to let go of!


In my free time I like working on all kinds of crafts, buying stuff for this hobby, DDR/Stepmania, games, reading, writing, photography,(J-)fashion, hanging out with friends, visiting theme parks, museums and traveling to all kinds of places I've never been before.


In the past, I used to be a huge collector, buying almost anything I liked. Nowadays these are my collecting goals:
- Baccano!
- Dorohedoro
- Mecha Musume: Humikane Shimada older Mecha Musume works and Strike Witches
- Horror collection (horror anime/games related items: mainly Calne Ca, Kotobukiya Bishoujo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Evil Within)
- Vampire + demon girls
- Moetan, POP works/designs in general and items from ElectromagneticWave
- Nurse Witch Komugi and other Akio Watanabe works
- Chrno Crusade
- Ymir from Queen's Blade
- Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original series and Duel Monsters)
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (the first game)
- Hideyoshi Kinoshita
- Mewtwo items
- Military moe / Girls in uniform


This also means I'm selling/trading a lot of items I used to have in my collection that don't fit these criteria anymore. Please check out
Selling or trading:
LIST #14643
LIST #96871
Thinking about selling or trading:
LIST #45514
LIST #57698
LIST #200550
which will get a lot of updates!


Things I still need to do for my profile:
- List all the games I own (listed most that are in the database, but have a long list of things I should add myself).
- List all the art books I own (work in progress).
- Index my t-shirt collection and also add it on here.
- Make proper lists for the main franchises I collect from and also display them on my profile.


I like to write articles about figures, so be sure to check my blog on here: profile/Maakie/...

My blog, things I'm working on right now:
- Walktroughs of multiple completed Garage Kits
- Multiple big order loots
- Blog about my progress of my Ymir cosplay


~Let me use this last bit of my profile to show off my favorite anime character!~

Jacuzzi from Baccano! is tough, kind and a person you can rely on, everything one can aspire to be.

Together with his girlfriend Nice they are my favorite anime couple. Feel free to talk to me about Baccano! at any time, I can never stop rambling about this franchise.


You will open a can of worms though






Thank you!!
hace 2 días
Yes it is!! I’m a huge baccano fan so I was happy to see somebody else who is still actively into it, it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Chané and Claire are my fav characters, but there’s no character that I Don’t like honestly.
hace 4 días
Thank you!!!!
hace 4 días
Hope you had great Holidays and you'll have an even better 2023 :3

I never was much of a fan of take-out anyway. I'm a picky eater and my pet peeve is meat that isn't cleaned properly (like for example with chicken breast if the tiny veins are left in, yuck) so when I prepare food myself I know it's properly cleaned and I don't have to check every bite LOL

True, the happier people are with their life the less reason to rebel and vandalize things.
I don't understand soccer fans either, why act like hooligans and litter/destroy property and fight *smh* Soccer is pretty popular here as well but I don't care about it at all.

We mostly buy nendos and smaller merch so it's easier to keep things under 2KGs.

In situations like these I'm glad I don't like traveling especially since air travel sounds really exhausting with all the tests and everything.
This year we're going to Hungary to see Rammstein live but there are no restrictions or the need to do tests etc. you can freely come and go as you like (we're going by car)

We have a church close by, it's like 2 minutes away but luckily we were never forced or expected to help out. Those tasks were handled by staff and the people who were deeply religious and volunteered to help out. It sucks you were always expected to go out of your way to help everyone, it must've been annoying.
It is good to be your own person and you don't have to always rely on someone else. I'm not saying help is not appreciated but it's great to do things your way.

The boomer generation was the first generation that saw women consistently working here as well. Before that it wasn't common for women to work. The silent (or traditionalist) generation women got married at 17-18 and had a baby in the same year or the next (some even had 11 kids). Taking care of the baby and the house while the men worked was natural to them, it was the way of life for most, especially for women in villages.
Both of my grandmas lives differed from the norm since one of them worked until having the 1st baby while my other grandma worked even after that. One of my great grandma was working as well (she was from the lost generation) which was almost unheard of in that time so women have been working for quite a while now in our lineage.

Very close family members are the only ones who I trust enough to lend my stuff to if needed. More distant relatives, not so much.
Thankfully I don't have any bad memories from my stuff being returned damaged as I never lent my classmates anything precious out of fear of them damaging/breaking/losing it.

Yeah, I guess some jobs do make that happen unfortunately. Like someone can be a happy-go-lucky person and become more bitter after years and years of a stressful job and dealing with rude people. It depends on the person too cause some will shrug it off while others will end up with great mental distress.

I'm pretty much the same. I have always taken care of my stuff even when I was a kid (I even have a working tamagochi I got back in 5th grade) and I always use everything to the maximum. I use my phones until I have no option but to get a new one because the battery is dying quickly. I didn't buy a PS5 yet because it's expensive and I know eventually a Pro version will come out and it will be somewhat cheaper and better (it was the same with the PS4) I like to cook food rather than order it because it's cheaper and at least I know what I put in it :3
I also don't mind buying games/figures 2nd hand as long as they're in a good condition.

Well 1-1.5x the pay is still great though. I know I would be satisfied for sure.

No I'm not working more jobs than 2 cause free time and mental health are precious things which are more important than money.
Yes, unfortunately it's getting harder and harder for people to provide for their families.

I did a commission for a friend lately and I focused more on Christmas/New Years illustrations as they tend to sell before and during Holiday season.

I know the feeling XD I'm always more anxious when making a custom commission for someone. When making stock illustrations I can do what I like so at least I have complete freedom and control.

Yeah, it sucks petting zoos and such are reserved for children and people give you a weird look if you go there by yourself. Too bad cause I will still pet that cute goat if I want to :3
I think what matters as an adult is having responsibility, being able to know your way around stuff: like managing your finances, cooking etc.; being thoughtful of your environment and such, other than that you are allowed to watch as many anime/cartoons and play games, play with pets, go rollerblading etc. as much as you like.

Our Robbies arrived as well :D My cousin picked them up and sent me pictures and they're sooooo adorable my god :3

That's cool, you'll probably get him around January or maybe February given the Holiday delays.
hace 9 días
Thank you!! You have a great collection - especially your mecha musume figures. Mine is full of figures I wanted when I was young but wasn't able to get, so now I'm making up for lost time. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
hace 11 días
MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549We had a nice Summer, took 2 weeks to relax and paint at home, and the other 2 weeks we went hiking. We saw some really nice nature parks here. I still have to sort out the pictures, but I will share them in my 'random loot and dairy' blog in a while.

Heya Maaki, Sorry it takes so long to reply to you, you write really decent replies and like me I think answers every single point so stuff just compounds. As a results I am also answering this at the start of my summer. I hope you and Husband are having a great Christmas holiday.

Edit: i have edited the post in the morning after thinking about things overnight. has Edit: next to it.

I hope the hikes were great, do you have a place where you keep your photos online. In the now 5 months that I have last replied ot you I had managed to travel interstate for the first time, I went to far north Queensland to see the tallest waterfall in Australia and hike up a side of a pyramid. Below in the spoiler are my photos.

View spoilerHide spoiler
Wallaman Fall took 3.5 hours each wave to drive to this.
Walsh's Pyramid 20 minutes out of Carins where I was staying.

Then went down to Sydney to watch the cycling world championships. Felt epic to get out of my state

I feel my Christmas holilday is passing too fast. At least today I particpated in some articles on MFC. I have basically been a ghost here as in the lead up to christmas was very busy at work.

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549That kit...hrmmm, I must have had her boxed up here unpainted for at least 6-7 years. The kit is 10 years old. I got her in an auction together with 2 other Monster Hunter kits who are up to paint next: ITEM #126806 + ITEM #99123 .

Ah its great that you remember and give the older kits the care they deserve. They have so much spark in their eyes. it reminds me about some Gundams I have, I remeber buying 5 kits on my 3rd visit to Japan almost 10 years ago. I only got around to opening 1. You did a very good job reverse coppering colour the Zaku 1. Turning it from Green to Copper colour, the opposite way Copper oxidies.

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549Both NL and FI have not been recording their cases properly for a long time, so I have no clue how bad/good the numbers are. Most people act like it's over and when they get it that it's only a flu. It's hard around here to try to do anything safely because of people their mindset. Although we didn't go to any popular hiking spots, it could still be quite busy near exits/entrances and the public transport to get there.
Quite some people I know got covid since last time we spoke and from those people most were mild, 1-2 weeks that they couldn't go to work, however people within my age range recover within about a week. I hope that is going to be the 'normal' reaction when having covid. Yeah Australia hasn't recorded cases properly for a long time either. We are a happy go lucky country but from what i can tell people are treating the pandemic type of Covid is over. If you test positive just stay home from work and isolate. Its summer here and we are a happy go lucky country. I hear of cases of people taking 1 to 2 weeks to recover. Thanks for your boots on the ground report. Always apperciated.
Its a shame about you not being able to go to hikes because of that.

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549I actually don't know what happens right now if you get covid on vacation. I guess you are not allowed on the plane back and need to wait until you test negative for covid to be allowed to leave the country? I would prefer to wait with traveling until the point where no covid tests before or after are needed anymore, as long as there is so much hassle to travel I am not feeling it much. And then there is always the risk of Finland not allowing me back in and then I can't do my job.
I also really really want to go to Japan and with my idea being to go to Okinawa I feel like Okinawa itself as small island is quite 'safe' to go to. The biggest risk would be the flight from and to there. However if we book at some point, I want to book as last minute as possible, couple weeks up front, because we lost tons of money because of our canceled vacation in 2020.

Yeah thats something which I don't want to consider but will now if it happens I would be up to the individual to pay, not insurance.. Also Finland locking you out would be a catastrophy. I think a safe thing to do would be to get some immunity . My family wants to go to Japan this October to see the autumn leaves and do the bike ride over the bridge between Honshu and Shikkou. I think after this china thing blows over and you have immunity book your holiday if it is have leave and money in my opionion. Its been 3 years since this thing started and looks like it will be around in one form or another for the foreseeable future.

Edit: my brother recently booked a trip to new zealand to go snowboarding he will be the first of my immediate family to cross international boarders,

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549Summer is nearly over here already, I miss it a lot! But we had super nice weather for all the hikes. And yes, in the peak of summer it's only 1 hour dark every day! Then a period of only 2-3 hours of darkness. Right now it is dark when I go to bed, but still light when I wake up in the morning. I'm not looking forward to it being dark as well when I wake up in the morning...
Oh wow, 5 weeks of surface mail! I think my record for fastest surface mail was 7 weeks, still in the Netherlands. Apparently speeds should be a lot more decent now, but I will have to find out myself. I shipped a new surface parcel about a month ago.
The bad eBay sales seem to be a combination of a lot of things: Collectible hobbies being less popular with the pandemic 'over', less free time because people have to go back to offices, people have less money with the current state of the economy and then also lots of other platforms like Mercari and Vinted are getting way more popular to sell from. Unofrtunately those are not accessable for me in Europe.
Oh that makes me interested who was your favorite YGO character before getting into the anime?

Ah darn now it is Winter in the northern hemisphere. wow 1 hour darkness thats so little, you must be so far up in Finland. The daylight time changing each day must be quite noticable if not day to day week to week where you are. I guess now there is like 4 hours of light where you are in Finland at this moment?
Thats great to hear about your mail. Mail price seems to be still be on the increase but the responsiveness is also increasing so that is a positive. I hope the Ebay sales have picked up. however looks like bad economic times are here and going to continue to be here.

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549Yeah I am already 2+ years in Finland and nearly 2 in the specific apartment we got here. It's quite weird, in a positive way! But also with how everything has gone with the pandemic since 2020 it doesn't feel like 2 years have gone by at all.
With Finland, my husband first went there without me to see how it was. When he was convinced it was good, I went on a 2 week vacation there, 1 week of actual vacation fun and 1 week of more serious looking into how it was to actually live and work there.
I think Ques Q is above average, but from what I heard figures pass their quality control easier than with other manufacturers. My Remilia could not fit her wings properly because the back-insert was placed off from the center in her back. This made me have to cut away parts of her clothes to be able to insert the wings.
Nope, the figure is still not here yet and me and the artist have been discussing that I can get a 50% refund (so we both have the same amount of loss), because probably the item will never reach me. :( A lot of companies have embargoes against Russia, so there is a high chance the package got destroyed when it reached the border here.
Hehe yeah I did have an encounter with a pretty big snake when on my hikes recently! But the snake was way too fast for me to be able to get a picture!

I am glad you are enjoying working and living outside your country/comfort zone. I am sure it will be better off for it in the long run. Timing with the virus is just really bad. But thank you for telling me about your experiences as I have no other experience to talk about it.
Ah thats a shame to hear about Remilia's wings. I can look other way for minor painting errors, and sculpting errors like Remila's flat face okay, but if its a structural error like pegs not fitting without modification thats a big no no for me.

MaakieHace 5 meses#112227549I finished FFXV in the meantime and really liked it! Did you play it? As for DLC, I only know of 4 packages? I got all of them. The main game does still get updates every once in a while, right now there is a FFXIV collaboration that gets you a lot of unique clothes if you play it.
I still have to look through all the entries, but did not see much updates to the figures I was already following. As for new figures I am happy to see ITEM #1587152 , but I don't think I will be ordering her. Prices are just too high nowadays, I will get her second hand at some point. What about you?
As for Nendoroids, I feel like they announce so much outside of figure festivals, they don't have much left to announce during the events. The amount of Nendoroids releasing in the last few years has been super high! And Pop Up Parades too!!!

Unfortuately still no time for FFXV, and 14 for that matter, I haven't touched that game like in 3 years. 14 had a collaberation with 15 where you fight a boss from 15 and able to get the car as a mount.
ITEM #1587152 looks great, but a bit pricey. Would you know much about Furyu F:nex figure quality, I am potentially interested in buying one in the future. When i started collecting Furuyu created prize figures only and now have been able to jump up to scale figures.
I was thinking a good idea for an article wouldl be for a character done by the same company do a comparisom of a figur emade 10 years ago, 5 years ago and now. Also throw in a PUP for good measure if the character has one.

Yeah i also want to open all my Touhou Nendoroids and populate my shelf with them.. I have Yuuka, Yuyuko, Flandere, Remilia, Alice and Youmu to open..

Maakiehace 26 días#118821081Hey, sorry for my late reply, but I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years Celebration! :) And let's wish 2023 will be a good year!

Yeah Christmas was great for me. In the lead up to it I fell off my bike and broke a bone, but I was quick to recover so I could ride my road bike with my friends during the Christmas break. Christmas break has passed too fast. All I feel I did was ride my bike and order computer parts to build a new computer to replace my 14 year desktop.
Luckily I broke my bone 2 weeks after i participated in a race called the tour of margeret River, where my team came 3rd in the 4th division. (There were like 15 divisions).

Edit: This Christmas in Western Australia was really good. We had 25 to 30 degrees centigrade temperature contrast to 35 to 42 centigrade temperatures last Christmas. Unfortunatley I didn't feel i capitalised too much on the opportunity though.

I am going to put an article up soon on My figure collection before the 8th of Jan where I have to go back to work :(, Today I have been able to engage with some of the articles posted here for once.

Late last year because of a tip off I saw on reddit I stumbled upon an anime called Bocchi the Rock, I was tipped off to it and was able to watch from episode 1, something which I really enjoyed

It inspired me to make a tier list of all the non action anime which I have seen. Disclaimer, obviously taste is very subjective. I have shared it with my friends. So here you go.

View spoilerHide spoiler
Link for Full Res cubeupload.com/...
Link for Full Res cubeupload.com/...

Edit: I suspect we would have quite different taste in anime. No action meant the anime is built around, drama, slice of life, romance, gag and not about a plot where protagonists are usually required to fight. Maybe i will work on an action teir list soon as well. And then one for anime movies.

How was your christmas holidays and how have you been over the last 5 months?

Until then take care and Happy New Year to you and your husband!
hace 23 días
Thank you! Hope you have a good 2023. c:
hace 25 días
Eensgelijks! Fijne kerst en gelukkig nieuwjaar!!
Hace 1 mes
Merry Christmas to you, and your husband. I will write back soon on the latest correspondence as I am off on holiday at the moment and have a bit more time.
Hace 1 mes
Hey, im not sure if i replied yet but thank you! Im so excited for them, they'll be my first model kits. Are there any new preorders or aftermarket hunts you're excited for?
Hace 1 mes
Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!

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Mainly light novels and thrillers
Almost everything as long as I like the story/setting/environment, although I mostly play survival(horror)-games. Favorite franchises: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Manhunt, Stepmania/DDR, Crystal Chronicles, Evil Within & Viva Pinata
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