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I'm Leialie and I'm just an awkward (but nice!) and lazy person.
I like playing games, watching anime, collecting anime merch.
I also like drawing, singing and doing some creative things.
I happen to have some unhealthy obsessions about some series/characters
so please forgive me if I spam about them or my profile is full of something.
Feel free to add me or to start a chat! I always enjoy it ^^





Leialiehace 2 años#24202244Thank you! I'm quite proud of my collection ^^ That Utena is really special for me not only because she's gorgeous but also since she was a gift from a friend. I'm really sad that Megahouse cancelled Anthy, they would have been perfect together. Still there's upcoming Utena figma! I'm glad that at least some of the older/less popular series get some love nowadays. I didn't finish original Nier so I can't speak of my favourites there (hopefully I'll be able to one day) but in Nier:Automata I loved 9S the most. I feel like it's rare to have such deep and complicated characters that aren't necesarilly considered villians. Yoko Taro seems like a man truly capable of creating intriguing characters. All of the cast, even the more minor characters feel real and well developed. Ah I can't wait to see how Nier turns out to be! If I'm honest it's kind of hard to get into because of the play style and how slow and wonky it feels, especially since I'm just watching a playthrough but I'll do it for the story. Right now I'm occupied with Persona 5 though :P Wow that game is amazing. I mean I like all of the persona games I've played but when it comes to cast, P5 did an amazing job from what I've seen so far. And oh Joker, best protag for sure. Yeah I was kinda holding off until wonfes to decide if something else pops up but since nothing much caught my attention I decided to get him ^^ He looks great and I hope we'll see more of Phantom Thieves not just him and Ann. Not that I'll have the money to get all of them but I feel like Persona games and especially the male cast never gets enough love. I'm still waiting for a proper Jun and/or Akihiko figure. I'm not a fan of the Kotobukiya one...
Awww, how sweet of your friend. ♥ Always nice to own figures with sentimental value like that. I was also sad to see that they cancelled Anthy (or at least put her in eternal production limbo), her prototype looked so good too. ;;; Hopefully figma Utena sells well enough for GSC to consider making Anthy so they can finally reunite!

Agreed 100% on 9S, I feel like he managed to make the biggest impression on me, which is quite a feat considering how fantastic the entire cast is. I rarely experience this with games, but Nier: A is one of those outliers where I felt completely satisfied with the end product and have no need for any further closure.
I'm so glad that people are giving original Nier a shot, I've been singing its praises since it first came out, haha. ; v ; It's very rough around the edges (it felt that way even back in 2010) so I totally understand that it's a hard sell, but if you can overlook those faults, I think it's really quite special!

Yesss, P5 has also taken over my life as of late, though admittedly I've been putting off the final segment because I don't want it to end. ;;; Akira/Joker is an amazing protagonist, I feel like I'm always learning about a new quirk of his that I missed out on and end up falling in love with him even more. Like this bit from the prologue for example! twitter.com/6M_... I NEVER would have thought that he'd have special idle animations there, so cute...
And I'm not sure if it this is just fan speculation or if it was confirmed in an interview, but a lot of people think that Akira's glasses are actually fake and that he only started wearing them to adopt a 'meek boy' persona during his probation, which I kind of love, haha. I could totally picture him doing that too!
Akira aside, I adore the entire main cast. You can probably guess who my favorite is (I always seem to fall for the Emperors...), but all of the party members are lovable in their own ways~

A Jun and (updated) Aki scale would be AMAZING, I would probably cry tears of joy if that ever happened. Those two are both my faves from their respective games. Also, just want to say that I'm so happy to meet another Jun fan, omg.. ♥ That's another hard sell right there; the Persona 2 duology. PS1 era rpgs are just so... they're reeeally hard to go back to, haha.
hace 2 años
Leialiehace 2 años#24105175Hi! I just stumbled on your page and noticed we have a lot of interests in common (like Persona, Fire Emblem, Nier, LWA). Love your Kaine avatar by the way! Anyways that's all I wanted to say. I hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to talk to me about anything whenever (if) you feel like it!
Ahhh, thanks for the fr! I don't get messaged here very often so I'm quite flattered. ; v ; You have a really nice collection (that Utena and Jersey Asuka scale ♥) and wow, we really do seem to have a lot of the same interests! I'm totally up for chatting/gushing about any of them!

Thank you~ my icon's from the Nier Replicant guidebook and it's one of my favorite pieces of concept art. ♥ Kainé is my #1, but I love everybody from the main cast, as well as the Nier: A crew. What about you?

Oh, and I couldn't help but notice that you also preordered that Joker figma. ;> Gosh... I'm still not over how good he looks. I was already sold on him but as soon as I saw pics of that grinning faceplate, I was double sold. Can't wait til he releases!
hace 2 años
Happy birthday! ♥
hace 3 años

Thank you, darling!
You'll always be in my heart's eye!
To not hate me for my puns, and to even embrace them...
Icee you in my future ❤
hace 3 años
Are you suggesting that tomatoes are better than pineapples?


There, have Lord Takumi´s handsome face plastered all over your profile while you rethink your sins.
And if Mr. Leo really thinks he can win a fist fight, he´s welcome to try. Someone who spends all day on the library, and thus has no muscles whatsoever, won´t be able to land even one hit! Pfft, Nohrian scum and their baseless arrogance...
hace 4 años
I see you have a pic of Prince Leo in your profile! It would be a shame if somebody suddenly started screaming...

hace 4 años
c: thanks!

Leialiehace 4 años#6614915Nice Robin avatar! I really like that look. :3
hace 4 años
Leialiehace 4 años#6254939Ahhhh! Ensemble Stars is my jam too! I play it casually since I can't read the story but I love Knights! I also loooooove Arashi~! Gotta protect sweet onee-chan. I see you picked your favourite too ;p

Aah that makes me super happy to hear!~ My Japanese is really rusty so I am not even close to understanding everything that is going on, but the small things that I managed to pick up quickly made me love it. :D I've also started looking up a few full translations and oh my god all the characters are just way too precious...

Fine and 2Wink are tied for my favorite unit but yes Tori is definitely my most favorite character!! ;V; I hope he will be getting some figurines soon. Especially of him in that cat outfit because I swear I'd buy at least five if if that where to happen. And yes Arashi needs more love! Or really all the characters in general needs more love. I'm kinda afraid they will take the Love Live! route and make nendoroids for everyone, which would make me very happy but not my wallet.
hace 4 años
Hi ^_^ Your very own Santa Claus has arrived to town pupupupu ^w^ By the way, I have a complaint to make! Do YOU have any ideia how many cute Love Live Christmas-themed pictures there are? Let me tell you. TONS OF THEM. I have 0 ideia which one you´d like the best xD I figured you already know all the cards, so I wanted to choose a different thing, and it was soooo hard >_< So here you have the first one, that I chose because it features all the girls~ View spoilerHide spoiler
I thought it was pretty cute how they were all raiding a sleigh, but I must apologize for the awful quality since it was quite a big image. Now we come to the picture which I liked the most from them all. That background, Rin´s eyes, everything *^* But first...tadadadadammm *drums rolls* my wishes~ Yes, eat tons of cake, Leialie! Gets tons of presents! Play lots of games! Have lots of fun! All in all, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and it´s a day to remember (♥ω♥*) Forget that pesky Maths and let´s just party today, ooh! (╯✧∇✧)╯


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Leialiehace 4 años#5021473Ah yes I do play! Which server are you on? I play on JP but EN is my main! Add me if you want but tell me it's you! You can find my friend codes here I also wanted to check out IM@as game but somehow it didn't work properly and also I lack space on my phone. Life is hard when you obsess over idols haha~! But I love how they always manage to cheer me up with their songs. I wish I could do the same for others.
I also play both English and Japanese with the English being my main one actually! I recently restarted my English one though and haven't gotten that much done on my new account yet. I'll go ahead and add you right after I have posted this comment! My nickname is "Amanda" on both accounts. I also have a Tomodachi account which I badly need to update with new information.

Are you talking about Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage? Because I would wholeheartedly recommend that game if you manage to download it somehow. I have been playing it for a while now and it is really good! The illustrations of most SR and above cards are just mindbogglingly gorgeous, songs never fail to make me happy either just like with Love Live. :) That has always been the main appeal of idols for me as well, how they spread happiness around them that can make any day a bright one.
hace 4 años
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