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Kotobukiya was first opened by Jusaburo Shimizu in Japan in 1947 and began as a single toy store for dolls. In 1953, together with his two brothers, Mr. Shimizu re-created his sole proprietorship into a limited liability company.

While continuing to focus on retail sales, Kotobukiya's first venture into original products as a model kit manufacturer began in 1983 with Armament. This was then followed up by it's very first licensed kit, King Godzilla, in 1985.

Kotobukiya's first foray into the non-kit business was in May of 1989 with the release of soft vinyl statues and active styling figures (now known as ARTFX statues). Since then, the company has increased it's lineup to include fully assembled and painted resin statues (Fine Art statues), Bishoujo (pretty girl) statues and 1:10 scale ARTFX+ statues, to name a few.



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Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
Welcome! I think I speak for everyone else when I say what a pleasure it is to see you reaching out to your customers! I believe that this action will prove beneficial to both you and your consumer base!

Again welcome and enjoy your stay! n-n
hace 2 años
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Always great to see a company going that extra mile to interact with its customers. Welcome to MFC.
hace 2 años
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Sooooooo, what are the odds of your Lum Invader figure being reissued now that Urusei Yatsura is being published in the US?
Hace 2 meses
Happy birthday Kotobukiya!!! My very first figure was Kobato Hanato by Koto <3 keep doing great things
Hace 3 meses
Also wondering about the Izuku Midoriya ITEM #728444 exclusive version being sold outside of Japan. Would love to add him to my “ordered” list, but I’m still holding out hope for a US release. (It looks like he is showing up in some US shops?) Any information you could provide would be much appreciated!
Hace 3 meses
Hi, will it be possible to get Midoriya Izuku ITEM #728444 with the bonus head if I live in Europe?
Hace 4 meses
Any chance you’d consider making bishoujo figures using the DC Bombshells designs?
Hace 6 meses
Sooooooo. What are the odds of IT showing up as part of the Horror Bishoujo series at some point?

Good job on Pinhead, by the way. She looks amazing!
Hace 7 meses
hello i'm a big fan of kotobukiya pokemon ARTFX SERIES ,but i think many wants to see some legendary pokemon in the series , how good will be mewtwo , zekrom vs reshiram with their trainer please i think that they would sell a lot
Hace 8 meses
Rally_Vincent (hace 1 año) #32109359I love both Yuigahama Yui (ITEM #310355) and Yukinoshita Yukino (ITEM #310359). Any chance that Koto will release a matching Hikigaya Hachiman (ENTRY #48782)?

Kotobukiya (Hace 11 meses) #34238493Hi Rally_Vincent,
Nothing to announce at this time, but thank you for the suggestion!

So I went and bought them for aftermarket prices, only to find that there is a rerelease coming only a few weeks later? I mean, come on.
Hace 8 meses
About ITEM #639509, is it possible to order with the bonus on which of your sites? Japanese, american, european...
Thanks in advance.
Hace 9 meses
Umm... I got an email from Hobbysearch saying the Captain Marvel bishoujo is cancelled. Please tell me it isn't true.
Hace 11 meses
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