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Happy Endings
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My name is Kevin and I've recently started on collecting anime figures, my MFC joined date is how long I've been collecting for!

I got hooked on collecting figures after buying a few from watching youtube videos about them and I really do enjoy owning and seeing figures that I've really wanted. It's a great feeling but also expensive at the same time.

I'm currently in University studying to become a neurosurgeon, none of my friends irl collect figures but they do enjoy looking at my collection. Apart from collecting figures, I am also a car enthusiast. I currently own a 11' STI, it's a passion that started when I was little and I enjoy talking to my friends about cars!

There's still a lot for me to learn so I look forward to meeting you all and becoming great friends x)

Check out my Instagram! I post photos of my monthly loot, figures and unboxing! www.instagram.c...




Hi, I sent a PM about your Hestia 1/4...
hace 1 año
Happy Birthday! Have a great day! (*^V^*)
hace 3 años
KevSheephace 3 años#17924313Likewise! It's nice to meet you as well! Hanamaru and Riko are my favourite girls from Aqours :D Especially Riko since she kinda resembles Umi and Maki which are two of my favourites from µ's :b
Currently I have all the Miku nendoroids I've really wanted except for one, Snow Miku 2013. Hopefully I'll get her one day and maybe you'll get the ones you want sometime too! I'm definitely envious of your Chitoge figure though, she's one of my most favourite figures out there yet I still don't have her (^^ゞ I also need to get the previous Love Live Alter figures to complete the line as I have the rest on preorder..

:) Riko is just lovely. I can't say I have an absolute favourite >u< Everyone has good attributes ~ I love Hanamaru as well and I also like Kanan :3 A scuba-diver idol ~ How cool is that?!

You should definitely consider adding Chitoge to your collection! :) She really adds that pop of color and I just love how unique her jumping pose is.

>u< Being in school sucks, having to pay for classes and everything else. As much as I would have liked to order the whole Alter Love Live line, I got to keep up with everything else in life xD. I have to be selective of who I want in my collection! Kotori and Nozomi are in my collection now (my two favs from muse) and I'm waiting on Hanayo right now :3 I found her for a good price ~ <3
hace 3 años
Hooray indeed! :D Thanks for accepting my friend request! It's nice to meet you! I'm guessing Hanamaru is your fav girl from Aqours ^o^ <3 And yes! It does in fact look like we have some similarities with our collections! :3 You have a few miku nendoroids that I've had eyes on for a while now! Lucky you ~

Hope we can be good friends! :)
hace 3 años
KevSheephace 3 años#17843305A Canadian! Thanks for the FR! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

No problem. :)
hace 3 años
Thank you! ^.^KevSheephace 3 años#17501535Happy birthday Jessica!
hace 3 años
KevSheephace 3 años#17415755Thanks for the FR! x)

Of course! ♡( ◡‿◡ ) Hope we can be good friends!
hace 3 años
KevSheep おはよう
setsunyanhace 3 años#16544566I love your icon ~zuraThank you! x)
hace 3 años
I love your icon ~zura
hace 3 años
KevSheephace 3 años#15760418Thanks for accepting my FR :) Awesome channel!

thank you!! (sorry for the late reply haha)
hace 3 años
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Student (Neuroscience)
No time for gaming.. Rip School.
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