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DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
hace 5 años
Happy Birthday! :D

Hope you have an awesome day!
hace 5 años

Thank you for the FR! :)
hace 6 años

Thank you for favouriting my picture!

You have an awesome collection! ^_^
hace 6 años
Kaite-Abadeerhace 6 años#1955825Woah nice collection!

Thanks :)
hace 6 años
Kaite-Abadeerhace 6 años#1771081No problem rad collection by the way!

Thank you! You have some nice pieces too :)
hace 6 años
Thanks for the FR :)
hace 6 años
Kaite-Abadeerhace 6 años#1746675Thank you I am in love with dead master she's just so beautiful but your Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari figures amazing I'm quite jealous of them ><

Haha. Thanks. They did cost me great fortune lol. But I am one girl short >< (Shinobu) I preordered her when her preorder came out but then I cancelled her...now I regret it T_T
hace 6 años
Yup I dont like Sena that much...Im Yozora fan so I cant like Sena! xD
Haha I will buy figma Mami but now i have to much orders as you can see ;w;

Of course! Izaya is really beautifull! I love him (maybe too much xD)
If you get the chance to buy the him you totally should :)
hace 6 años
Thanks for FR.

Thought I should come by for a visit :D

Great collection! Especially Dead MASTER >.<!!!!
hace 6 años
Import from Japan

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