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Hi! My name is Mason! My favorite character of all time is Roxas from KH, or Emil from NieR Replicant and my #1 waifu is Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2!

Nice to meet you! I'm really into writing articles, so I have a lot of them XD Thanks for stopping by my page! Don't feel shy to send me a friend request either! Anyways, this is my small collection! I hope to get more figures, but it's kinda hard being a 14 year old without a job XD

I've been watching anime for about 3 years now and watch over 250! My favorite anime is Horimiya. I also really liked Bunny Girl Senpai Wonder Egg Priority, Death Note, Higurashi, etc. I don't really have a specific taste as you can see XD

My favorite video game right now is NieR Replicant ver 1.22! I love this one more than Automata, but I can't tell you why XD Just like the characters more I guess XD I do like Automata a ton still, Replicant is just better imo. Emil is my favorite character, and he's tied for my favorite character of all time! I have the Nendos of Nier and Emil ordered, just waiting for Kaine!


Thanks for stopping by and remember: You rock!



Yeah! I will try to convince both of my parents to take on that apprenticeship during summer perhaps? Also this is the tattoo spot’s insta, really cool stuff
And oh, my art? I don’t share it on social media yet. I keep it kinda private, but hey if you decide to return back to discord then I don’t mind sharing it to you via DMs. That’s up to you of course.

And where are you going on that trip? I traveled a lot (not as much cause of covid now XD) so I’m interested lol.
Also yeah Gura PUP is gonna be hell to pre-order o.o didn’t GSC had to do a 2nd pre-order for her nendoroid?!? That’s insane, I hope they learned to make lots of them now haha~
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You like Emil, you like Asuka, let's be friends! *handshake*
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Thank you!
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ahh tysm~
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I do digital and traditional art, and I like to draw anime characters and landscapes. I really want to be a tattoo artist, I already was offered an apprenticeship. My dad said no to it since he believes a 14 yr old shouldn't be in a place like that-
The tattoo place literally has anime merch around and just really talented artists, its not even concerning one bit lol

Well since Ai hasn't came out yet, what I'm thinking is that it may be soon bc she already has a fully colored prototype and taito keeps releasing coreful figures up for pre-order. That's my guess. Also a spending ban? I mean at least you were able to PO a lot of nice figures before that happened, the mai-san and gawr gura look great!! I'm hoping to get the gawr gura PUP. Fingers-crossed on that.
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Thanks for the comfort, I’m planning to transfer schools (not bc of those girls) so I can focus on art! I just need to work hard in order to make it in.

And about the Ai fig, I don’t believe she is up for pre-order yet. I’m sure TOM will have her since they sell the coreful prize line. But I’m excited for her!! If they come out with a Rika one then that is a must-have for me!! It would be amazing if they release all the girls, but I don’t think I would be financially ready for that haha https://tenor.com/view/laugh-in-froup-wonder-egg-gif-20281146.gif
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No worries man, I’ve been busy with the recently released Lost Judgemrnt, Far Cry 6, and Metroid Dread so I haven’t been on here as much recently either. Plus I just now got two figures that I went through quite a hassle to get, just finished unboxing them and putting them in the detolfs. :D

That Makoto fan wasn’t worth your time anyway bro. XD

Damn dude, I feel ya. I let my friends borrow my games or even straight up buy some for them if they’re too tight to afford it, but then the struggle is that they have to work a lot more than I do so they don’t have nearly as much free time as I do so we barely get to play together. :(

You’re going to Disneyland and universal? That’s cool, never been to either myself, but then that’s never been my thing anyway. Speaking of Disney, did you hear Nintendo actually managed to get super stingy Disney to let Sora be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?! He comes out next Monday as the final character for the game and people were flipping their shit at the reveal trailer. Deadass saw grown adults crying... I’m pretty hyped though I kinda wish it was Roxas instead as unlikely for it to ever be. That guy just has too much sauce!!! The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades are just such a badass combo!

Ah I forgot you were playing Nier Replicant. Really has been a minute hasn’t it? Anyway glad to see you got all the endings. Ending E was a really good send off, but it also made it not hit as heavy as Autmata’s secrete ending since that one was left more ambiguous. Like you know ending D where they forget him was the real ending for like 10 years before they added ending E right? Imagine living 10 years with ending D as your definitive ending, now that’s HEAVY. It woulda probably blown all of automata’s endings if they’d had kept it like that.

Ah yeah the Kaine up skirt death and achievement. That was actually the 2nd to last trophy I ever got before 100% platinuming the game. I woulda made it my last one, but no way I was running through ending E again. Anyway back to Metroid Dread and Far Cry 6. :)
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Also been feeling the same, school is just tough. At this point, anime figures keep me motivated at classwork XD mainly the people at school are just annoying as hell. I guess you could say I’m being picked and teased on by a group of girls. I just remind myself that no one is gonna remember any of this and how stupid it is. It’s just hard to hold yourself together you know?
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Hey, how have you been doing?
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Thank you so much!
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