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I bought too many Fate figures despite that I never play FGO lol.


Bought a Saber Kimono Dress figure from HairyHusky. It was exactly as described "opened but new" because when I unboxed it I felt like as if I got a brand new figure. The figure arrived fairly quickly and the seller covered it bubblewrap to protect it as well. All in all, this was a very smooth experience purchasing from HairyHusky.
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Check out other stuff that I want to sell! Thank you.
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Fantastic seller! The figure got to me quick and safely in one of the best packing jobs I have ever seen on mfc!
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Something that I own but not on MFC:
Atago GK 1/7 figure Chinese Dress GK Painted www.hpoi.net/ho... 700 USD
Unicorn 1/7 garage kit wedding dress ver. www.hpoi.net/ho... 550 USD
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Number of figures bought on MFC: 5
Number of figures sold on MFC: 20
LIST #148796
This is just for my own record don’t mind me
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You can also find me on Hpoi: www.hpoi.net/us...
Amounts of USD that I had spent on figure: 6000 - 2021/6/10
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WOWs, Azur Lane, LOL, L4D, R6, Apex


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