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Hello! My name's Star (but also go by Gloomy online) and I'm an autistic, trans nonbinary hobbyist on the aro/ace & gay/bi spectrum from Canada in their mid 20's(26 atm)!^.^/ I use they/them pronouns please!!
I mainly collect figures, dolls and books; but I also collect plush, apparel, pencil cases, rocks/gems, prints/artwork, etc.

I'm, as embarassing as it is, a self-proclaimed otaku. Yes, most would assume it to be cringey, but I'd like to reclaim the term (like many others).
I've been into anime and manga (as well as cartoons!) since I was a toddler. I think at this point in time, it's nothing special or note-worthy to even mention, but it's been a part of my life for so long, that I can't even imagine myself living with out it, aha. It's inspired me artistically, in more ways than one—and I just really love and admire the medium a lot.

I have many favourite series, it's really hard to choose just one ya know? Lately, I find myself spiralling into Avatar the Last Airbender again—it was a show I loved as a kid, and since its rerun on Netflix, I've been having a lot of fun with the fandom!
But in terms of anime/manga, I'm very very invested in vintage shoujo manga in particular. I love and appreciate all era's, but my favourite defiantly has to be the one's from the 1970s. The art styles of that era are so pretty to look at—but more than anything, the dramatic and poetic flair of shoujo manga of that era is so breathtaking and so awe inspiring, that I can't help but fall hopelessly in love with them.
I think the one series that really, truly, introduced me to the wonderful world of shoujo manga is the Rose of Versailles (by Riyoko Ikeda). I've always enjoyed shoujo of course, but, looking back, I found that I didn't take it as seriously as I should. But after I finished RoV, I began to realize how deep and amazing the shoujo genera truly was (and how, especially in the west, it wasn't taken as seriously due to a number of reasons—reasons that, I too, fell for).
It's after this that I began to dig deeper into the history and culture of the shoujo genera—and let me tell you, it's amazing. I began to spiral deeper and deeper into learning and understanding it, that now, I can wholeheartedly say without a doubt, I'm obsessed, aha.
I'm now currently working on a couple of projects regarding the shoujo genera, but I won't talk about it much at this time as it isn't public yet.:-P
As for other genera's, I'm really not picky.:-) As long as the story and characters are good, I'll probably like it. Though, I do tend to gravitate to certain themes more. I really like stuff that packs an emotional punch—one's that will leave me crying. I also like things that are psychological and maybe even philosophical in nature. Things that will leave me thinking long after I'm finished with said series. I also enjoy romances hehe—but my favourites are ones that are queer coded, whether it's hinted or bluntly stated. And sometimes, I really really appreciate ones that are artsy and don't always have a very solid plot or characters, but still leave an impression on me in some way or another.
I'm also super into shipping—I just can't help it, I've been a shipper at heart since I was very, very little. There's a lot of ships that I adore, but I find myself super attached to only a few (at least for now). Which, they also happen to be some of my favourite characters as well as favourite series lol. (For those wondering; Jet x Zuko (Avatar), Alain x Andre (Rose of Versailles) and Kaworu x Shinji (Evangelion). So uhm, if you want to talk about those ships or have fanfic recommendations, hit me up!)

And as mentioned at the begging—I consider myself a hobbiest! I absolutely love hobbies—I find them wonderful and endearing. I like to do and try a lot of things, but ones I found to be especially fun are; drawing, writing fanfics, collecting, shopping, fashion, graphic designing, old web, sculpting, jewellery making and much more! I'm really open to anything and everything and reallyyy enjoy challenging myself and trying new things! (But my wallet hates me for it, lol)
Due to a hand injury I got a few years ago, I do find it a bit harder to partake in some hobbies though, mainly drawing—but I try to do it when I can.:-)
Now though, I try to make things for myself first—there was a time in my life, in which my biggest dream was to become an artist. It was something I held close and dear to my heart, but over time, I realized it was eating me out alive. I eventually quit my pursuits for the arts, and found myself enjoying making things for myself. Some may look down on me for such a thing—a quitter and a failure, some may say. Which, I get. But I can't help but smile each time I manage to draw a favourite character of mine, or write a fanfic of my favourite ship, rather than draw something that will sell, ya know?
Not to mention, being a self-proclaimed hobbiest is so much more freeing in my eyes and has a certain...anti-capitalist flair to it if you will. Not entirely of course, they still require money (i'm not that naive, lol). But at the end of the day, it's for me and for me only—and I enjoy that tremendously now.:-) /so what I'm getting at is please don't refer me as an artist, just a simple hobbiest please.;-)

Oh, I'm also a University student (my first year!) but uh, I absolutely hate it and might drop out of it pretty quickly or find another major, so we'll see how long this lasts.:-/

Oh, and how could I forget! My collection!
As mentioned, I like to collect a loooot of stuff. I mostly collect figures, gk's, dolls, (art) books and manga's. They're just things I really enjoy and I like to surround my living space by colour figures that make me happy.:-)
I've been collecting, technically, since I was a kid. But I only got more serious about it in my early 20's.
These days, I can't collect as much due to uh, limited funds. But I try to snag a thing here or there when I can. I do thrift a lot though, so that helps. There's also a lot of stuff that I collect that isn't on mfc so, yeha my collection is a lot bigger than shown.
I'm a firm believer in archiving, so I try to archive things here on mfc when I can—but sometimes I just don't have enough information so I can't OR they're not related to anime/manga.
As for the aesthetics I go for? Eh, I'm pretty versatile I guess. I like to get stuff from my favourite series and characters, but some stuff I just get because I like them. I like to collect pastel/angelic/etc kinds of things for my room, while everything else I just scatter around my 'studio' lol.
I really enjoy colourful stuff, vintage stuff, animecore-esque stuff, couple figs, glitter, transparent stuff, anything that's queer coded, angelic, rococo, etc.

And uhm, that's all I can think of? I'm pretty terrible at bio's tbh.

Also just a heads up; I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at keeping up with social media and messages!! I often get overwhelmed and go 'mute' online. And sometimes, after a long period of time, I forget to reply. If this happens, I am terribly sorry. But please know it's not because I dislike you!! I'm just slow at these things.;_; If I take a while to reply, try sending me another message I might have just not seen it!

Also, I have insta and twitter but everything is in private atm as I'm taking a long hiatus from social media (this might be permanent as I really dislike social media—but unsure atm). I will update this as soon as they're back up, if I decide to go back that is. But! I'm somewhat active on Tumblr so, uhm, feel free to follow me there if you'd like. I'm also working on making a couple of websites for myself, so once those are up, I'll link those up as well!:-)
My personal blog: GloomyShoujo
Art blog: StarNouveau
ATLA only blog: GloomyZuko


Happy birthday! ^^
hace 1 año
happy birthday!!! ^u^/
hace 3 años
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
your dedication to versailles is amazing and honestly inspires me to research vintage shoujo manga myself LOL
hace 4 años
No problem!

I've wanted to get into working on GKs because it's the type of thing I'd enjoy, but in Anthy's case I'm planning to go the commission route because I'd be pretty devastated if I messed up on her. And I lament the lack of Anthy merch everyday - she's pretty much my favourite anime character ever.

I would loooove some absurd Anthy/Utena diorama figures. Someone pulling a sword out of someone else's chest? Gimme. Arms outstretched toward each other from two different coffins? Absolutely. Dancing over a base of roses? Do want.

I don't know why Anthy's rose bride outfit is so neglected since out of her two main looks, it's the more Iconic. I mean, I wouldn't mind figures with her long hair either, but if they're going to stick with the classics, just going with the school uniform seems odd. Mostly I just want an Anthy to match with every Utena.

I am really excited about the dolls, though. I'd been mulling over adding more dolls to my collection for a while (mostly mooning over all the Sailor Moon Pullips), so when I saw Utena and Anthy it was like a ~sign~. Hopefully we'll see more Anthy stuff before all the 20th anniversary hype dies down.
hace 4 años
No worries!

I pre-ordered the two of them on AmiAmi and they appear to be up on most Japanese stores by now. If you're looking for a store a little closer to home, PullipStyle has a great reputation - they don't have them available for order yet, but I imagine that they will sooner or later.

Thank you, you've got a really nice collection yourself. And it's certainly possible - I did pick the garage kit up on YJA (I've been watching the auctions a lot with all the 20th anniversary stuff).
hace 4 años
Rejean235 Give her a weapon
StarNouveauhace 5 años#13178867not sure if i can post a comment here cause idk how to join clubs or if u can just make a post w/out joining one? ///sorry i'm still a tad new here
but i'm in a bit of a pickle.

Hi, as stated in my The Question and answer club reply, I'm replying here.
You can make a comment on a club without joining it. Here are some of the clubs you may join for questions:

CLUB #168
CLUB #246 Pour tous les francophones et il y a beaucoup plus de membres

StarNouveauhace 5 años#13178867i've been trying to make an account on Mandarake for like 20 min now. i live in canada and put up all the right info etc. then i put in my city/province (Montreal, Quebec); i enter it in and then an error message says;
"It's a mandatory entry: "State / Province"."
i've tried writing it in a bunch of different ways but nothing is working. i found a reddit post and they were having a different problem but they said when putting in a password, don't use numbers and it'll work. welp! i tried that but nothing,,,
then some ppl said to put a "0A" at the end of my postal/zip code but that was for ppl who were having problems when entering their postal code; so idk if that'd help me or make matters worse.
so i'm at a real loss here and i'm getting a bit agitated now,,,so if someone could help me i'd appreciate it.
i could email someone first but i just wanted to know if someone here knew what to do first. i get too nervous emailing ppl lmfao

I created my Madarake account years ago but the info on my address is repeated twice in address 1 and address 2; City Ottawa; Province Ontario and my normal Canada postal code: X0X 0X0
My phone number is entered 613-000-0000
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
StarNouveauhace 5 años#13135211ahhh tysm!!!;AA; and ikr?? especially in places like the usa/canada cause it never aired here (not that i know of) so it's harder to find merch or fans for it. lol (i am extremely jealous of ppl who lived in europe cause they got all the good stuff aired + a bunch of merch available to them gthfrgfhrj)
it's nice to see more fans too!!:") honestly it's so hard to find fans of rov but when i find em (or when they find me) i get super happy!!!

Yeah it never aired in England either ;-; So jealous of countries like Italy that had it air and got their own merch cause it's actually known over there, but in the UK/USA I know it's barely heard of :( Honestly hunting for merch is SO HARD I spent like a year trying to get ITEM #22232 that wasn't £100 on eBay
Always happy to meet another fan though I feel the same way! :D The rarity of it just makes it more special hehe do you mind if I send you a friend request?
hace 5 años
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I love your icon! Oscar/Rose of Versailles is way too underrated, nice to see another fan :D
hace 5 años
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Seeing all your comments in the feed about GKs is amusing. You seem to be very excited lol.
hace 5 años
Welcome to the board StarNouveau! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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