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Hello all! There are few things I'm willing to share with you folks about myself.

-I'm deaf-born, thus I have no interests in music although it don't stop me from reading lyrics in openings/endings of anime series.

-Married to the man who shared my passion not only anime-related but gaming as well~ I'm a lucky girl!

-American Sign Language is my main language in the household and the Deaf community but English is also my "main" language for the outside world. Currently, I'm trying to learn Japanese language but it's not easy to do on my own.

-World of WarCraft for years (since 2005?) but I do play other games from Blizzard such as HoTS and OverWatch. I also have Steam under the same username as here which is a great way to get in touch with me.

-Love to read on FanFiction.Net site and a member there too. But I have yet to write a story! Have great ideas but low motivation to write them out...haha....

That's all from me! Oh, and also checking out my collection when you have the time! ^-^


Asphroxia Nightmare
thaaank youuuu <3
Hace 7 meses
Cool collection :d
Hace 9 meses
Happy Birthday!
Hace 9 meses
happy birthday
Hace 9 meses
Asphroxia Nightmare
Happy birthday!!!!~ <3
Hace 9 meses
thank you! :)
hace 1 año
Asphroxia Nightmare
tyty kindly <3
hace 1 año
Hey, thank you so much! Happy birthday to you too :D
hace 1 año
Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great time ^-^
hace 1 año
GinEvaMokouhace 1 año#41108458...
Annndddd Your FR is accepted~!

Thank you!

The new Kurumi is great, I am so happy :D
hace 1 año
PVC anime figure store.

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Rozen Maiden, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Date A Live...the list is endlesss...
World of WarCraft, ANY JRPG ones, many gacha games and etc.

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