• homemade figure of Ran and garage kits? ! ! ?

    wow that's super impressive!!! things i absolutely don't have the creativity to do lol. major props!

    oh yeah don't mention it; it's been a pleasure too.

    been too long since i could talk about 2hu figures with anyone. actually more like "complain", since recent announcements have not caught my eye at all...
    hace 1 día
    oh goodness the ran from phat? i'm mad jealous. been forever since I last saw prices, but I remember that one being way pricey compared to the others. and yeah, she's gotta displayed front and center. the tails demand it!!!

    and agreed, delays suck lol. thanks again rona!
    hace 4 días
    thanks for the offer.

    your room becoming a massive shrine to 2hu is certainly what all rooms should aspire to be actually...

    and yes i'm weak to catgirls. especially when they go "nya" and such. chen was one of the first figures actually and still my fav to look at. i'm so excited for those nekopara girls but the indefinite delay right now very much sucks. all good though, i'm patient; been waiting for almost two years. a month or two won't hurt..... unless they're delayed until 2021. then I won't be so patient. pls EMS come back
    hace 10 días
    thanks for the message! yuuka is really one of my favs to look at! but you have a much more substantial collection than mine including some that I'd love to have! very good very nice very wow!!!
    hace 11 días
    Happy Birthday !
    Hace 6 meses
    Friend Request accepted !
    hace 1 año
    you like touhou?
    i like touhou.
    let's be friends !!!!!
    hace 1 año
    Happy Birthday you degenerate.
    hace 1 año
    Happy (late) birthday!
    hace 1 año
    Griffon is meh. But then I'm meh. Oh well...
    hace 2 años
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