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Do you have instagram or anything like it? I wanna dm u there
hace 1 año
Misu Karamatsu Girl
Emyyhace 3 años#25001795haha merci, la tienne est beaucoup plus garnie hein ;p
Sinon mon avatar, elle date de l'époque des Smiley sur MSN... c'etait le bon temps !

Haha merci, mais tu as quand même de très jolies pièces ! :) (je pense à la dark Angel Olivia *-*)
Oh, maintenant que tu le dis, oui j'ai souvenir de ces smiley ! Bon sang ça rajeunit pas tout ça ! ^^
hace 3 años
Misu Karamatsu Girl
Bien le bonjour !
Je tenais à dire que ta collection est vraiment sublime !! o/ Puis ton avatar est trop mignon !!
hace 3 años
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
hace 6 años
Emyyhace 6 años#1867560OH wow! your ferret is really active ! I find it lovely, if only mine could do something like this...
He is soo powerless that he backslides... He cannot jump and HE POOPS EVERYWHERE D=
Oh well, the first thing he did to the figure was nibbling on the transparant protective thingy... Thankfully I noticed it early so no holes XD

He's littered trained. He'll run to the cage if I let him to go poop in the litter box. I trained him by giving him a treat each time he does it. So he gets in the habit... my others poop everywhere...
hace 6 años
Emyyhace 6 años#1867369It took 10 days :o pretty fast for slow shipping!

Did you ferret steal any part of her to hide yet...

My biggest ferret does something really annoying... he keeps stealing one of the toilet brushes and I have to chase him through the house to get it back. And when I do he's like a dog and won't let go and keeps biting and pulling...
hace 6 años
Emyyhace 6 años#1867327Hello StarshipPooper !
I just received Miku Lamp ! She is sooo lovely! I
Thank you very much ^-^
I took a photo with Kyo :o

Wait, so how long did it take to get here?
hace 6 años
Joyeux anniversaire Emyy.
hace 7 años
Congratulations on winning the contest!
hace 7 años
Emyyhace 7 años#1377809Hello SP !
I have one question about Katanako,
does her uniform have yellowish paint
or entirely snow white?

yellowish stain effect
hace 7 años
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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