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Well hello everyone, the names Deedo and like most of you out there I'm a collector, part time gamer and otaku.
I've been collecting figures for a longer than I can remember really, the collection interests goes as far as i can reach in anything.
As of late I've been cutting back on figures (but habits die hard), but been focusing on collecting more of the Figma's, Touhou and Type Moon Figures. Since when I first started it was just a random mess of what I could get that I liked at the time. If anyone has some interest in my collection in either to buy or trade let me know, there are a few figures that I'm going to put up soon.

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So drop me a line, I don't bite... hard (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 lol


I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
hace 7 años
I know I"m late but Happy Belated B-day to you XD
hace 8 años
Congratulations ^^. Have a great day.
hace 8 años
Happy Birthday!
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1431578Happy B-day mate! Hope you got or getting some nice goodies!!

Thanks! Got Varakitsu DD earlier in the month. Seeing if I can pick up Sake.
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1347261Hey if i could get a discount for being my birthday i'd jump all over that. I think Play-Asia is a bit expensive compared to amiami but if it's sold out there then i'll go through them. I will buy games off them since it's better priced than most other sites and more variety when they have them.

Yes that's right, among the online shops I frequent, amiami has the best price but in general, shipping is a killer.
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1347248The closest thing i have here is a comic book shop, and they tend to order in the bootlegs anime sets and the cheep figures. So i end up just ordering from japan.

There are few stores selling bootlegs too.. even the famous Tamiya model shop selling shitty anime bootleg figures though all their model kits are genuine. I also buy from play-asia, amiami and HLJ too but they don't have that birthday discount gimmick.
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1347236Wish there was one still up and running here... That isn't a FYE lol

All I know is that there is one online local store who has this gimmick and it's where I frequently order my figures from.
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1347196Happy B-day! Hope you got or getting some awesome goodies!

Thanks! hopefully, there'd be a birthday discount from a local anime store lol.
hace 8 años
Deedohace 8 años#1298037-image removed for size-

Ooo! Nice!~ THanks and I wish I had an image prepared for these kind of festivities XD. Thanks and hope you enjoy yours as well!
hace 8 años
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It's hard to keep this updated so... i'm not going to bother... ><;
Just about anything that can keep my intrest
Fighters, RPGs mostly and the occasional FPS
Electronic, Jpop, Jrock, DJ Music, just about anything almost
Lumix GH4
Rat in a cage with OCD... now on crack!!


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