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Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day, even with the weird current situation of the world!
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Hi! Sorry for my late comment, I have been very busy!

Collecting is also a bit slower for me, but from the stuff I've been buying most of it still focusses on Baccano!, Chrono Crusade and Strike Witches. :) When it comes to more recent series I love The Saga of Tanya the Evil and I'm very happy that with the secret santa exchange on here I got some lovely goods of her! ^^

How about you? :)
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I'm 100 years too late, but:

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In the last couple of years I started a new collection and try to get as much as possible completed from the items that were released from ENTRY #68855 , but otherwise I have been collecting the same. I don't have much time for anime anymore nowadays, but I'm currently catching up on episodes of Dragon Ball Super. :)

Good luck with your Reiner Braun collection! :)

My collecting is going fine~ Have been buying less figures, but more merchandise in the last couple of years. I made quite some loot blogs recently if you want to see: profile/Maakie/...
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Hiya! :D I'm doing well! Have been busy with my blog a lot more lately! How about you? Anything you are looking forward to collecting-wise? :)
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Bringing the hobby to your door.

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