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Your inbox is full, but I had a breakthrough with eBay I need to tell you about!!!!

I complained to them about their bug with the buyer opening an INR way earlier than he was allowed to (and with that also attached again my complaint about all the buyers that open INR's while the item is still in ETA so I'm forced to refund). AND THEY FINALLY ALLOWED ME TO HAVE 30 DAYS HANDLING TIME MENTIONED IN MY LISTINGS!!!! I NEVER BULK EDITED ALL MY LISTINGS SO FAST!!!!

I know the long handling time might scare people off, but it will avoid all the unnecessary refunding and frustration I get from those buyers abusing the system!!

So yeah I will still loose money to this guy that managed to open the INR way too early due to the bug (and I will never see the money back from earlier people I refunded), but I still feel like I finally had some kind of breakthrough here!
hace 6 días
Happy birthday!! ><
hace 28 días
Hi! Wanted to let you know your inbox is full. :)
hace 29 días
HAHA thats just hilarious. But good to know they have cheaper shipping than amiami cuz I have some big plushes to ship lol phew.

Also ginoza akane and sugou (!!) are still available from the set, in case you know someone who might be interested. I post it in the GO club but hope's low XD
Hace 2 meses
Ordered! I will just send you the invoice when I have the items ready to ship. I actually just recently started to shop at HLJ and surprisingly its even slower to load than amiami which is already slow enough... XD
Hace 2 meses
No problem! I will get it now (I have order from amiami every month)
Hace 2 meses
Hi hi this set is up on amiami www.amiami.com/...

Are you gonna get it? Alternatively I can place an order if you still wanna take kei arata and hinakawa
Hace 2 meses
Yeah I think they are limited to graffart shop. If they list on amiami before oct. I can order the set since I think they usually have discounts so would be cheaper than ordering from graffart shop XD
Hace 3 meses
WHOOOA I assume the one i posted is the kimono set? (Which one is the nightlight ver.? Sorry for my ignorance ><)

Pretty sure the set I posted will have a standard release on amiami, like 3 months later than the A3/graffart store release - so that should be after oct I think. Which characters would you be interested? If they are up on amiami I dont mind getting the set (I have packages from there every month anyways...)
Hace 3 meses
Hi there, just wondering if you might be interested in getting this standee set.
Hace 3 meses
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