«Hatsune Miku is my queen~»
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I'm a new collector but I have a list that's been building for the last 10 years (and increasing even more since I found this website) >.>

I'd like to collect a bunch of figures but will probably limit to the HG..

Despite my growing wishlist, I will probably buy figures and goods that holds a strong sentimental value to my heart... or if I found myself a bit of extra money~

I absolutely adore Vocaloids; Mostly IA and Hatsune Miku but I got a soft spot for others.

Mostly anime~ and Bosch (on Amazon)
The Expanse, Books by Andrew Rowe, Various LNs like Konosuba, SAO, etc.
Puntos MOE
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~


Hello there! Hope you accept my FR! Btw, I also love Hatsune Miku!
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puppincuppie (Hace 1 mes) #64541049hey thanks i’ve gone a little crazy
all my $ for mail order brides
i see we both got birthday kizuna

I saw birthday Kizuna Ai in person at Anime Expo in Los Angeles and it's gorgeous. I love how her hair and dress flows. Also, the colors of her dress and her rainbow highlights for her hair adds the cutness for her. Plus it's Kizuna Ai; her personality and sass is great.

I'm totally jealous you got a lot of nice bunny figures (like Lala, Zero Two, Kuro, Illya, and Jibril just to name a new).

And those Nekopara figures, those are great and it makes me want whole collection >.>

And omg, you got loli Jibril; she's so colorful it's really hard to say no to her~

I'd like to spend more for figures, but between RL payments/bills and Anime Expo purchases, I gotta be wise about my spending :\

I'm just torn between buying loli Jibril or the new Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact... I'm thinking about getting one or the other... Or both... Or be like "f- it, buy some Nekopara figures"
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hey thanks i’ve gone a little crazy

all my $ for mail order brides

i see we both got birthday kizuna
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Hey if you're interested I'm selling my 1/4 scale hatsune miku ITEM #236103 shes brand new and unopened :) check out my ads prices are definitely negotiable
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Welcome to MFC! I hope you have an enjoyable stay here ^_^
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Welcome to the board Cloudberry! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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