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Chibiranhace 5 años#2759706I immediately knew you were Vietnamese by your name hahaha
I do have a Facebook account but I'm sorry, I give the link to you since I don't really accept online friends on it but if you have Twitter then it's fine by me. Talking here is also ok!

okay ...unfortunately i dont have a tw account ... :< well , I think we can talk more comfortable on fb :D
hace 5 años
Chibiranhace 5 años#2758782Oh my, don't worry about the late reply. Your message actually made me really happy as I'm not as active here as I used to as well.
so ah ... Lets be friends !! :3 I'm Tuong (you can call me Fluk - my "weird" nick-name as an easy way :D) . I'm from Vietnam . :D Like you , imma not as active as I used to ... Do u have a facebook account ? :D
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Chibiranhace 6 años#2203839Hello~
I don't really think we've ever talked but I wish you a happy birthday (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
I didn't have the occasion to thank you for your friend request either so...thanks!

I cant believe dat someday I will receive a birthday celeb Ọ A Ọ
sorry for the late reply but ... I hope u understand , I dont online much , so I can recieve your mess . From the deepest of my heart , thank you , very very much. Ọ A Ọ
p/s : sorry for my poor English :>
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Hello!! Take a look BLOG #14563 >‿‿◕
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BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Hello hello! I'm sorry, but I'm still working on your card. >_< Things have been quite busy here.

In the meantime, though, I did want to go ahead and wish you a merry Christmas! Hope that things are well with you, and that you're getting lots of great gifts this year. ^^
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Chibiranhace 7 años#1724512
Sorry for the late reply OTL;;; I usually reply to comments before I go to sleep but I sleep earlier now because of classes OTL

Aw man :( Yeah honestly I don't even have time to doodle that much anymore ^^;;; I just doodle a little bit while I listen to whatever;;;;; At least they're not bad teachers x') Well…I hope, anyway. I had an actual bad teacher in the past and it was…..gah ><;;;
Hope you get it done eventually ( x _ x ) I seriously need to find some motivation and inspiration to get stuff done around here >>;;;;

I was lucky and GSC sent me parts :) I was able to get a second body and the stand so now I can display both Homuras lol ><;;
Congrats on the figures coming eventually btw :) I saw it on Twitter before I went to sleep some day I think ><
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Chibiranhace 7 años#1716835
Uwah sucks to hear ><;; At least you can doodle in classes lol ^^;; I went back but I ended up having a short schedule so I have a lot of free time...though I end up wasting it so far ( x _ x ) Yeah I got basically nothing done over my break and I feel bad about it; I had a lot planned lol;;; Thanks; I hope I can get decent things for it eventually ><; So far...I'm doubtful lol;;;;

I'm happy they finally came; though there are minor defects so...OTL;; I already sent an email before I noticed the Snow Miku had a defect so I'm going to give up on Snow Miku since I just want to be done with GSC lol. However I'm hoping they mail me back saying they'll send me some Homura parts :/ Tbh her base has quite a few scratches and a paint transfer x')..... Oh gee customs are annoying >>; Hope you get them soon :( I'm just now looking forward to my order coming at the end of this month; it'll be my biggest figure order so far x')
hace 7 años
OK I am just completely terrible at upkeeping PMs; I have no idea how I keep losing them and etc >> (I think it might help now that I have more inbox space now but eh not going to bother)

So I'm just going to comment for now on since I can just plain see it on my page and it's right in my face lol, hope you don't mind :) Of course I won't post anything tooooo personal now though LMAO and if there's something you don't want me to post just let me know and I'll edit my comments P:

So, how are things going lately? >< I saw you went back to classes; I just have one day left before I go back ( x _ x ) I still have so much to do and I still need to work on my portfolio and other things and I just ( x _ x ;;;; )

Also just one more con for the year for me :C *is working on new cosplay*

AAAAND....still waiting for my Snow Miku and Homura scale lol. :/ Anything new figure-wise? ( ' v ' )
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hace 7 años
Hii, mon ami~

BLOG #9299
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