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Best Goods from Japan
Going down the rabbit hole 1/4th bunny at a time!
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I'll make this bio better later, I swear.

However, I spend most of my time posting pictures of pretty plastic on instagram: here






Bought a 1/7 shuten figure and it came super quickly with great seller communication and amazing price! A really kind seller, would highly recommend buying from them!
Hace 1 mes
Hello! If you aren’t willing to sell Jibril anymore just let me know, thank you!
Hace 4 meses
Hello! Just wanted to ask if you had an offer for ITEM #740291 yet. If you do just send it my way. Thank you!
Hace 5 meses
Hey! Did you see the message I sent you? Of course I understand if you want to think about it because it’s taking a while for you to respond or maybe I’m just used to getting response quickly. If so my bad. Sorry for bothering you I don’t want to annoy you or anything.
Hace 5 meses
Oh no are you selling because of issues that are happening in the world. Or are you just tires of a few of your bunnies. I know you love them as much as I do.

If you want to continue this in PM I get it..

Hope you are doing well in these trying times

= /

Hace 5 meses
Hey! Did you get my message responding to you? If you didn’t see it could you possibly read it? Thank you!
Hace 5 meses
Hello! Just wanted to check in and say I hope you liked your Secret santa gift. Or at least some part of it xP I hope you had a good Christmas & New Years anyway (:
Hace 8 meses
I wasn’t sure if you were still interested, but it seems your inbox has been full for the past few weeks.
Hace 9 meses
Hey thanks! Your collection is quite impressive! A lot of bunny figures that I had to pass up on :/ I hope that binding updates on the other 3 non virgin bunny figures soon.
Hace 10 meses
Wooooaaaaah fam-
Nice bunny collection! Looks pretty impressive!
Hace 10 meses
Best Goods from Japan

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